FBI Broke the Law While Raiding Donald Trump’s Residence

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) potentially captured too many useless documents during its raid on Donald Trump’s residence in Florida.

Now, the Department of Justice (DOJ) is planning to politicize the investigations by not giving a fair chance for the former president to defend himself.

FBI in Hot Water For Controversial Raid Against Trump

Fox News reported the FBI even took documents that were protected under attorney-client privilege. Reportedly, at least six boxes and another set of documents are full of information for which Trump cannot be prosecuted.

Furthermore, FBI agents also recovered some boxes that contained information covered by executive privilege. Under the law, former presidents are allowed to keep some documents of consultation and advice with the senior advisers, but the FBI captured them as well.

As per Fox News, Trump’s legal team contacted the DOJ and asked them whether the confiscated records would be examined by third parties and independent auditors or not.

Though the DOJ told Trump’s team that the federal government would oppose the request for an independent audit.

This response of the DOJ is raising the eyebrows of right-wing insiders, who are asking why the DOJ is opposing Trump’s request to get the documents examined by a third party.

Critics believe the DOJ’s failure to bring transparency to the investigation will make the actions of the federal government controversial.

DOJ Launched Smear Campaign Against Trump

Some reports are even questioning the timing of the FBI raid. Political observers asked why the FBI waited three days after getting the warrant if the records in possession of Trump really posed a national security threat.

In addition to that, law enforcement agencies were in contact with the former president for the last 18 months. This depicts the FBI was not in a hurry to recover the documents, but it still orchestrated its raid to inflict damage to Trump’s reputation.

After the raid, Trump posted on his social media platform, Truth Social, that the FBI could have simply asked him for the documents instead of breaking into his residence.

The DOJ has still not explained why it planned the raid, even though the former president returned numerous boxes of the documents just two months ago.

One source of Fox News who is familiar with the case questioned whether the judge who signed the warrant for the FBI’s raid against Trump was informed the former president was regularly returning documents to the government.

Instead of issuing a warrant, the judge could have easily issued another subpoena for Trump to let him willfully return the documents since he was complying with all the orders of the government, the source added.

The DOJ recently released court documents that suggested Trump took some highly classified documents with him.

However, Trump emphasized the documents were declassified, which means he did not break any laws by keeping them in his private residence.

Instead, Trump questioned the FBI for not investigating Barack Obama, claiming he took 33 million pages of documents to Chicago, which included classified information as well.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.