Fauci Grilled on His Remarks That He Represents Science

Republican Senators Tom Cotton and Ted Cruz engaged in an altercation with the chief medical advisor to Biden, Dr. Anthony Fauci. Recently, Fauci claimed he represented science, which created backlash from GOP senators.

Dr. Fauci is a partisan and politically motivated bureaucrat

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, labeled Dr. Fauci the most corrupt bureaucrat in American history. Speaking on a program with Sean Hannity of Fox News, Cruz claimed the American people know Dr. Fauci is a dishonest, partisan, and politically biased individual.

Responding to Dr. Fauci’s claims that Republicans are attacking science by speaking against him, Cruz said nobody in the whole of America has hurt science, the CDC, and doctors’ credibility more than Fauci himself.

Tom Cotton of Arkansas claimed Dr. Fauci is a “so-called expert,” adding Americans should not give weightage to his opinion regarding the pandemic.

In addition to this, Cotton also noted Fauci is neither an economic nor a psychology expert; so, he does not know anything about the struggles Americans may face during the shrinking economy.

The Arkansas senator also asserted bureaucrats like Dr. Fauci believe they represent the epitome of knowledge.

Dr. Fauci lied about funding the Chinese lab

Republicans have often claimed Dr. Fauci’s agency gave millions of dollars to a laboratory, which lab leak theorists believe is involved in the coronavirus outbreak.

Speaking to CNN earlier this year, Fauci admitted he funded the research in the Chinese laboratory at the epicenter of criticism for leaking the virus.

While the administration claimed the lab leak theory is bogus, Republicans have criticized the government for being soft-hearted against China.

Initially, GOP senators Rand Paul and Ted Cruz criticized the doctor, which prompted his reply. Fauci called their comments “noise” and “nonsense.”

Paul has often grilled Dr. Fauci about his lies to Congress, regarding the funding of the Chinese Institute of Virology. Paul asked Fauci to resign for lying to Americans and asked Attorney General Merrick Garland to prosecute Fauci for his lies.

Responding to the persistent criticism against him, Dr. Fauci said he has a job to save Americans from the pandemic and he would not stop doing that. He also claimed the GOP senators had been trying to make him a scapegoat to save former President Trump.

Fauci likewise declared Republicans’ attacks against science are dangerous, as science is here to stay even after him.

Rand Paul also found Fauci’s comments misleading, adding that for a person like Dr. Fauci, who has often ignored the power of natural immunity in favor of vaccines, claiming he represents science is an alarming approach.

Calling Fauci an unelected technocrat, Ted Cruz said the doctor distorted the science and facts to play around with Americans’ lives. Therefore, Fauci’s comments do not hold water.