Far-Left Lawmakers Have Taken Congress Hostage

Despite continuous efforts of President Biden to convince the progressive caucus of his party, House Democrats failed to pass the bipartisan infrastructure bill. Due to this, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell scolded Biden.

McConnell scolded Biden for failing to govern the party and failing to pass the infrastructure bill. He also noted the president surrendered to the Democrats’ unrealistic demands of promoting socialism in the country.

Mitch McConnell Scolded Biden for Surrendering to Far-Left Radicals’ Wish List

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi vowed to get the $3.5 trillion infrastructure bill passed by the House by the end of September. However, the internal rift of Democrats shattered the hopes of the speaker, as progressives and moderates have diverging interests. 

For this reason, Mitch McConnell criticized Democrats, saying despite controlling Washington, Democrats are unable to govern the country. He also said the governing party failed to pass the infrastructure bill Biden negotiated with lawmakers and Pelosi pledged to pass.

The GOP lawmaker condemned Biden for surrendering to the radical left group of his party. Likewise, he labeled Bernie Sanders a “socialist” who lobbied against the bipartisan infrastructure bill and killed it with the help of his influence.

It is essential to remember Bernie Sanders encouraged House progressives not to vote in the favor of infrastructure bill until the speaker did not link it with the social spending bill worth $3.5 trillion.

McConnell evinced the US is already facing chronic inflation; Democrats kept the much-needed infrastructure bill hostage so they can pass their socialist agenda. The senator also lashed out at Democrats for useless intra-party negotiations, claiming the government is ignoring its basic duties.

Not only this, but the Republican senator also castigated Biden for bringing the economy on the verge of disaster, saying the country averted the government shutdown by a razor-thin margin.

McConnell later blamed the Biden administration for not foreseeing the debt limit crisis earlier. Similarly, the Senate Minority Leader advised Biden not to entertain the “radical wish lists” of his party members or the country would see disastrous consequences.

Biden’s Personal Visit to Congress Failed to Convince Democrats on Infrastructure Bill

As Nancy Pelosi failed to stick the scattered Democrat Party together, Biden himself visited Congress to convince everyone to vote in favor of the infrastructure bill. However, even Biden’s personal visit did not yield any significant results, as the House remains in stalemate on the legislation.

Meanwhile, Bernie Sanders criticized Democrat Senators Joe Manchin and Krysten Sinema for hindering the passage of the social spending bill. While doing so, Sanders said the two senators must not be allowed to kill the agenda of 48 other senators and 210 House members.

However, this statement of Sanders sparked outrage as many prominent figures (including a famous pro-GOP documentarian Errol Weber and political analyst Phil Kerpen) schooled Sanders for not counting Republican senators in his statement. Both of them corrected Sanders that not two, but 52 senators are against the social spending bill.