FAKE Racial Encounter: Celebrities Fail to Issue Apologies

Right after Jussie Smollett was found guilty on five charges of staging a fake racial attack, civil society urged celebrities who condemned the “attack” to apologize.

During January 2019, Jussie Smollett opened a fake pandora’s box, claiming pro-Trump supporters attacked him; this encouraged many politicians and celebrities to condemn the incident without fact-checking.

Donald Trump censured Smollet

Former President Trump labeled the episode a “hate crime in reversal,” during his Fox News interview. Speaking about injustice in the United States, Trump noted had the same crime been committed by Republicans, the person would have got at least 25 years in jail.

It is widely believed Smollett staged an encounter to obtain sympathy in order to get a pay raise. Thus for the whole episode, he paid two people Abimbola and Olabinjo Osundairo $3,500.

Donald Trump also raised the issue of monetary motivation, claiming Smollett was a con man for the con job because he wanted to renew his contract for a ridiculous television series.

Nenye Uche, Smollett’s lawyer, asserted the actor would appeal the verdict. Noting the drama was fake, he asserted this case will be overturned 100 percent on appeal.

All evidence, which included videotapes, text messages, and other conspirators suggested that Smollett built the fake case over time to gain media sympathy.

During the trial, the conspirators acknowledged helping him in the event, but Smollett himself denied these allegations. A Chicago jury, however, convicted him of five counts of disorderly conduct, which can imprison him for three years.

However, the verdict did not come out of the blue. Over the period of time, it was widely established that Jussie Smollett orchestrated the attack, as too much evidence came against him.

Smollett tried to cheat the system, but failed miserably

Even though Smollett did receive a real minor racial threat through the mail, the actor failed to get the spotlight from the media on that incident, which encouraged him to stage a bigger fake threat.

The so-called attackers were chanting slogans of “Make America Great Again,” in their bid to conspire against then-sitting President Trump.

Top Democrats who condemned Smollett’s incident included Biden, Kamala Harris, AOC, Bernie Sanders, and others who were quick in issuing racial remarks in the aftermath of the incident.

Smollett told the court one of the co-conspirators in the case assisted him in getting drugs, noting both of them started a sexual relationship. The actor claimed they had each already made out with each other.

However, Bola denied these accusations from Smollet.

In regards to the other co-conspirator Ola Osundario, Smollett claimed that he had no relation with him. He then asserted that Ola creeped him out in many instances, with both of them not talking to each other.