Even the Saudi Prince is Mocking Biden’s Competence as President

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While it’s certainly nothing new that a large portion of Americans makes fun of Biden on a daily basis, it becomes much more interesting when such comments are shared by more prominent figures, especially if they’re royalty.

According to a report by the Wall Street Journal, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is continuously mocking Joe behind his back, often poking fun at his fitness, or lack thereof, to be in office at all.

“Foreign Leader Visits” by Trump White House Archives

Saudi Arabian royalty believes Biden to be unfit for the White House

This comes only weeks after it was found the Biden administration tried to sneak a deal for increased oil production with Saudi Arabia, a gesture that was frowned upon by any sensible American.

The report describes in full detail how Salman makes fun of Biden’s gaffes in private and questions his cognitive abilities, both of which are things we’re all fairly accustomed to. He even stated he preferred dealing with Trump’s administration instead.

This might be in part due to Biden’s constant attacks on the kingdom during his presidential campaign, as well as the stance his administration took against Arabia over their war with Yemen.

Additionally, Biden has shown himself to be an ally of Iran, one of Saudi Arabia’s most notorious enemies in the region. This is why Biden and Salman refused to talk to one another for well over a year into his presidency.

“Secret” oil deal surfaces within days

Despite Biden’s efforts to hide the intentions behind his visit to the Saudi Arabian kingdom, reports of the “secret deal” surfaced within days, putting into perspective exactly how few options we have left to deal with the energy crisis.

Naturally, the oil deal with the OPEC oil cartel isn’t one of them. Analysts believe it would ultimately lead to yet another global energy crisis, much worse than the one we’re dealing with today.

On June 2nd, OPEC announced they’ll be increasing their output by 400k barrels a day. Coincidentally, Biden just happened to announce a trip to Saudi Arabia that same day; by the time he made it to Jeddah over a month later, gas prices began to drop.

However, what Biden wasn’t aware of was the Saudis had no plan to actually go through with the deal in full, which was confirmed when OPEC’s 100k increase in August was cut only a few weeks later.

It became obvious that the Saudi Arabian kingdom was about to cease production. There was no stopping them from doing so, leaving Biden dead in the water, unaware of why the “secret deal” fell through.

This did much more damage than just ruin the already crumbling relationship between our two countries. Now, we’re facing major risks for national security, due to the counterterrorism operations that will aim to contain the integration of Iran and Israel into the region.

This article appeared in Our Patriot and has been published here with permission.