Liberal Media Now Taking Aim at Biden for His Botched Plan

The embattled U.S. president has been hammered by harsh criticism from both political parties over his botched withdrawal of U.S. troops from Afghanistan.

This withdrawal allowed the Taliban to take control of major cities in the country. As a result, not only did the current administration received backlash from politicians, but they also lost support from the mainstream media. 

Left-leaning mainstream media are throwing criticism at Biden for the “tragic foreign disaster.”

Mainstream media had long been left-leaning, as they opt to overlook damning headlines against Biden while throwing criticism against Republicans in every turn. 

However, progressive news media urged Biden to look at the scenes of chaos that the civilians in Afghanistan are going through in their desperate attempt to find refuge and leave the country. 

On Sunday, Jake Tapper of CNN called the current situation in Afghanistan a “tragic foreign disaster” that caught the Biden administration “flat-footed.” 

Tapper stated that what is happening right now is a sharp contrast from six weeks ago, wherein Biden claimed that it was highly unlikely for the Taliban to overrun the country. At that time, the assessment made by Biden also struck experts, stating that his expectations were “unrealistic.” 

Now, American diplomats are rushing to shred documents in the embassy and flee the country; meanwhile, the Pentagon scrambles to send troops to save the remaining Americans in Afghanistan. 

On the other hand, mainstream media showed video footage of Biden’s July 8 claims wherein he insisted that helicopters would not be needed to save anyone from the embassy, a familiar scene that happened in Saigon during the Vietnam war.

Meanwhile, in a series of Sunday morning interviews with Antony Blinken, Biden’s Secretary of State was roasted by various news outlets as he dodged questions. 

Chuck Todd of NBC, however, emphasized that the comments made by Biden about Afghanistan did not age well. 

CNN host compared the current scenario in Afghanistan to the fall of Saigon

Tim Naftali of CNN also compared the current situation in Afghanistan to the well-known fall of Saigon. Naftali stated that the current situation is the “Saigon moment” for Biden, and this will be attached to him for the rest of the time. 

David E. Sanger, a senior writer of The New York Times, wrote that Biden arrived in office with the most foreign policy experience compared to any other U.S. president in history. However, he stained his legacy by his poorly planned move.

Sanger also added that Biden would be written in history as the U.S. president who directed the “humiliating” final act of the U.S. experiment in Afghanistan.

Sanger continued, stating that most of the president’s allies who think Biden made the right decision no longer have a national interest after Biden botched the plan and the execution of U.S. withdrawal of troops.