Emails from Ukrainian Firm Blows Apart Joe Biden’s Story

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Email cache raises new allegations about Hunter Biden, Joe Biden’s son, in his dealings with a Ukrainian firm. 

These string of emails suggests that Joe Biden, who was sitting as a Vice President back then, did meet his son’s Ukraine business connections despite his series of denials. These emails were found along with sex and drug pictures of the Democratic candidate’s son.


A trove of emails obtained from Hunter Biden’s laptop revealed that he introduced his father, Joe Biden, to his Ukrainian gas firm adviser.

These events happened when Biden was still sitting as a Vice President. At the time he also pressed on firing a prosecutor who was investigating Burisma, a group of energy exploration and production companies located in Ukraine.

In one of the emails discovered, it can be seen that Vadym Pozharskyi, Burisma adviser, thanked Hunter Biden for “an opportunity to meet your father.” This email was dated 2015 to which Joe Biden was still sitting as the Vice President. 

A year later, in the year 2016, Biden successfully removed the prosecutor investigating Burisma. Joe Biden’s reasons for dismissing the prosecutor were his failure to tackle corruption, which was shared by other countries.

The discovered files also revealed how Hunter Biden repeatedly refers to his father as “my guy” while writing an email to a colleague at Burisma.

Other than this controversial issue involving his father, there are also pictures of Hunter Biden smoking drugs, engaged in sex, and partially naked selfies. 

Weeks ago, the Republican-led committee wrapped up a report about Hunter Biden’s business dealings. The report also accused him of corruption. 

Attorney Guiliani also stated that there is “much more” than this that was discovered in Hunter Biden’s laptop. 

Stash Of Files Given By The Store Owner To The FBI

According to the report of The New York Post, the collection of these emails, messages, and images were recovered from a MacBook Pro laptop that was brought into a Delaware computer shop by someone who looked like Hunter Biden and was never picked up. The computer is even seen having a Beau Biden Foundation sticker on it. 

The computer store owner gave one copy of the files to the FBI and kept another. However, the store owner eventually gave it to one of Guiliani’s lawyer. Then the contents were then passed on to the Post after the news publication learned of its existence.

Joe Biden Son’s Business Dealings

These emails shed new light on the younger Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine, which were at the center of President Trump’s impeachment case. Hunter Biden’s business dealings in Ukraine have also been repeatedly mentioned and used by President Trump against the Democratic nominee.

Joe Biden’s Story That He “Never Spoken” To His Son About His Overseas Business Dealing

Joe Biden repeatedly said that he never spoken to Hunter Biden, about his overseas business dealings in various accounts. But with a few days left until the election, his campaign offered no comment about the issue. All that Hunter’s attorney did is to accuse Attorney Giuliani of pushing Russian disinformation. 

Sexually Explicit Images and Drug Use

Other materials retrieved in the email cache were said to include sexually explicit images of Hunter Biden, including a video of him smoking cocaine while engaging in a sexual act with a woman. 

Hunter Biden, who has admitted to cocaine use before, also received an administrative discharge from the US Navy in 2014 due to his drug use. 

Earlier, Joe Biden accused Giuliani of selling “false, debunked conspiracy theories” about Hunter Biden’s involvement in Ukraine.

Then, the issue came back into the spotlight last year when President Trump lobbied Ukraine’s new president into investigating Joe Biden’s dealings. This led to his impeachment case after the Democrats stated that President Trump abused his powers by strong-arming Ukraine into granting him a personal political favor.