Election Denier Hillary Posts a Video Claiming the Upcoming Election Will Be Stolen

"Hillary Clinton 2016" by NothingSpecial123

This Monday was quite the eventful one.

While Biden’s gaffes and confused behavior are definitely a sight to behold, Hillary Clinton’s latest video certainly takes the cake. She goes on to pin events that didn’t even happen onto the “right-wing extremists,” as she calls them.

According to Hillary, the upcoming presidential election in 2024 is already in danger of being stolen by the “radical right,” even though there’s barely been any mention of it whatsoever.

“Hillary Clinton” by Karen Murphy

The Dems are all sore losers

Unfortunately for Hillary, we’re all well aware of her sad attempt at stealing the 2016 election. She went above and beyond to smear her rival, Donald Trump, only for the whole thing to backfire tremendously.

In what sounds like a premature coverup for the next attempt at stealing an election, Hillary claims the plans are already in the works and the Supreme Court is being controlled by the GOP to give state legislatures the power necessary to overturn the election.

Hillary then went on a rant about how the result would not be decided by popular vote OR the Electoral College, but rather by state legislatures, most of which, at least according to her, are Republican-controlled.

Unfortunately for the libs that actually feed into her nonsense, she quickly segued into what is probably the real motive behind the video.

She begged her followers to donate to Indivisible, a far-left organization devoted to “fighting for a cause,” which roughly translates to making money.

Hillary’s poor attempt at getting back into the limelight

Clinton is now asking for donations for Crush the Coup, founded by Indivisible.

This comes despite the fact that the FBI, the Department of Justice, and just about every Democrat under the sun went after Trump on account of the false pretenses she created during her 2016 campaign.

Hillary has become nothing more than a puppet for the Democrat Party at this point. Despite all her efforts to get people voting Democratic in the upcoming midterms, it’s likely she won’t succeed.

A large portion of the left-leaning crowd doesn’t like her either, with the majority of those who do being the woke peddlers that we’re all forced to deal with on a daily basis.

However, this video is sure to age like milk by the time the presidential elections actually roll around, as is the norm with anything Hillary-related; all of her opinions are controversial only for the sake of controversy.

If anything, we can rest assured knowing she won’t be on the ballot in the 2024 presidential election, as she’s proven there’s no boundary she won’t cross to try and win.

All of this can be taken as a precursor to the Democrats actually trying to steal the 2024 election, which isn’t even out of the question anymore, considering their chances of winning it fair and square are abysmal.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.