Economic Expert: Biden’s Policies Will Harm American Workers

"Joe Biden" (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Stephen Moore, a distinguished visiting fellow at The Heritage Foundation, said Biden’s policies are going to harm American workers. 

During an interview on Thanksgiving, the economic expert slammed President-elect Joe Biden, saying that Biden’s policies, particularly his desire to rejoin Paris Climate Accords, will harm American workers. 

In an interview with Fox News’ Rick Leventhal, Moore noted that under the Trump administration, the unemployment rate rapidly decreased before it spiked earlier this year due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Besides appreciating the improvement of the unemployment rate, Moore also praised the record-breaking time that the coronavirus vaccine was created and the fact that this happened under the Trump administration Operation Warp Speed. 

In addition to this, Moore warned the public about the negative impacts that the country could face if President-elect Biden rejoins the Paris Climate Accords.

Moore said, “I think one of the best things that Donald Trump did when he came into office, and we had talked to him on the campaign about this, that Paris climate change treaty is a joke,” he continued by saying, “The single biggest polluter in the world, by far, by far, is China and it doesn’t require China to do anything for another 10 years.”

“Beijing Air Pollution…” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Kentaro IEMOTO

The academic professor added, “Meanwhile, we have to shut down our coal plants, we have to shut down our oil and gas facilities that employ millions of workers, we have to use more expensive energy while China and India and Russia laugh behind our back.” 

In connection to this, Moore stated that he doesn’t think that rejoining Paris Climate Accord is a wise thing to do. He said this move does not put America first. Instead, it puts America last because American workers will lose their jobs while the rest of the world, especially the big polluters, do not have to change their ways.

“single greatest and swiftest recovery from recession in American history.”

In another topic, Moore also thanked President Trump for his act of achieving the “single greatest and swiftest recovery from recession in American history.”

Moore said that people should really be celebrating this Thanksgiving the fantastic economy of the country. He said that the American people are living through the “single greatest and swiftest recovery from the recession,” and this is thanks to President Trump. He then touched on the unemployment rate at the moment, which is below 7% in 6 months. 

Moore then compared the previous administration scenario and said that the Obama-Biden administration took six years to achieve a 7% unemployment rate. 

He said, “we’ve got growth, the Dow went up to 30,000, a lot of that is because of Operation Warp Speed and the vaccine that’s coming.”

The distinguished visiting professor then remarked that 2021 would be a “blockbuster” year for as long as Biden’s policies do not ruin it.  

“Chair Yellen delivers the semiannual Monetary Policy Report to Congress: _D4A3275” (public domain) by Federalreserve

When the Fox News host, Leventhal, asked Moore about his thoughts on Janet Yellen’s possible appointment as treasury secretary, Moore stated that he knows Janet Yellen a bit. He thinks that she is a very competent person for the position.

Although he does not always agree with Yellen on policy, “we could’ve gotten a lot worse,” Moore said. “You know. I think a lot of conservatives are happy that at least it’s not Elizabeth Warren,” he added.

Leventhal then delved into the topic of potential members of the squad that can possibly be added to the cabinet. The Fox News host also remarked that progressives are pushing their agenda on the President-elect and are hoping that Biden will play along. 

Moore answered by saying, “Well, first of all, I was listening to that report and it sounds like it’s all this kind of racial and gender equity stuff and not color-blind people, I’m not saying these people aren’t qualified, but I think Americans do want a color blind society and the idea that people should be picked because of their gender or the color of their skin probably isn’t the best idea for America.”

He then added that President Trump appointed high-level people to serve him in his cabinet. Some of them were Black and Hispanic, and all of them did a fantastic job. In relation to this, he stated that what matters is that the people who will be appointed are those who can help bring the economy back.