DOJ Sued Abbott After Signing an Order Meant To Protect Americans From COVID

On Friday, the U.S. Justice Department filed a suit against Texas and the state’s Governor Greg Abbott after he signed an order preventing the transportation of illegal immigrants who could be infected with COVID-19. 

DOJ: the orders of Abbott interfered with the federal government to transport illegal immigrants

According to the lawsuit filed in the U.S. District Court, the Justice Department stated that the orders of Abbott interfere with the ability of the federal government to deal with immigrants. 

The lawsuit was thereafter followed by a threat of legal action from Attorney General Merrick Garland. Garland told the Texas governor to rescind the order, which he referred to as “unlawful” and “dangerous.”

In a letter sent to Abbott, Garland wrote the order imposed by the state governor violates federal law in various aspects. He insisted that the state of Texas cannot enforce an executive order that goes against the work of the federal government or private entities who are working for the government. 

On Wednesday, Abbott issued an executive order restricting the transportation of illegal immigrants. In the order, Abbott cited that these immigrants risk bringing the virus into the communities in Texas.

The Texas governor then insisted that this order is also important to counter the spike in illegal immigration under the current administration. On top of this, Abbott also accused the Biden administration of implementing border policies that spread the virus. 

In response to the lawsuit, Abbott stated the Biden administration is consciously accepting hundreds of thousands of illegal immigrants, most of whom the government knows were infected with COVID-19. 

Abbott added that the administration is contemplating another shutdown and COVID restrictions to Americans to allegedly control the spread of the virus. However, the Biden administration likewise consciously worsens the infection rate by transporting infected individuals in U.S. towns. 

Two whistleblowers from DHS revealed a 900% spike in COVID cases among illegal immigrants.

The order was issued by Abbott a day after police in Texas stated that illegal immigrants who might have been COVID-positive were released from custody and placed in hotels and were left to wander off. On the other hand, two whistleblowers from the Department of Homeland Security revealed a 900% surge of coronavirus cases among migrants. 

The whistleblowers from DHS also warned about the dangerous conditions that migrant children are being put into at the border facilities. They added that the Biden administration asked border officials to downplay the severity of the coronavirus outbreak at Fort Bliss. 

On Thursday, during a press briefing with principal deputy secretary Karine Jean-Pierre, Fox News host Peter Doocy asked how the administration prioritizes Americans’ health and safety while releasing illegal migrants who are possibly infected with COVID. 

Jean-Pierre then stated that explained the process of how illegal immigrants are placed into different programs instead of being held in one place. She insisted that any illegal migrants displayed any signs of sickness were directed to the health system to be given appropriate treatment, diagnosis, testing, and isolation.