DOJ Helping Biden to Influence Midterm Elections

"Joe Biden" by Gage Skidmore

The Department of Justice (DOJ) is deliberately hiding the efforts of the Biden administration to affect the outcome of midterm elections in Democrats’ favor by using taxpayers’ money.

In March 2021, Biden signed an executive order which forced federal agencies to engage in get out the vote drives. However, the DOJ is not releasing public documents about its actions to enforce Biden’s executive order, despite court orders.

DOJ Rigging Elections For Biden

Last year, Biden signed an executive order, according to which all federal agencies should develop a mechanism to promote voter registration drives to increase voter turnout and end so-called discrimination in electoral access.

Critics suggested the federal government was using taxpayers’ money to increase voting access in areas that could vote for Democrats to help the ruling party in the midterm elections.

These controversial ambitions of the federal government urged the Foundation for Government Accountability (FGA) to ask the DOJ to release all the publicly available documents which should explain how the administration is influencing the elections.

The FGA demanded the DOJ tell publicly how it is enforcing the executive order of the president, which was supposed to increase voter turnout in Democrats’ favor.

However, the DOJ only handed over highly edited documents to the FGA, which suggests the justice watchdog is deliberately hiding its efforts to manipulate midterm voting.

According to the president of FGA, Tarren Bragdon, Biden is getting extremely unpopular before the midterm elections; so he is pressuring the DOJ not to release any public information about the executive order before the midterm elections.

If the DOJ releases how it is implementing Biden’s executive order, Democrats’ ambitions of voter fraud will immediately be unleashed.

Bragdon further added that the DOJ is providing baseless excuses after concealing important information about the involvement of federal agencies in impacting the elections.

DOJ Intentionally Concealing Public Information

Initially, the DOJ completely ignored FGA’s request for disclosure of publicly available information about the executive order.

When the federal district court judge gave the DOJ a deadline of September 8 to release all the documents, the Justice Department ended up producing 135 pages of redacted documents.

As per the FGA, a 15-page strategic plan of the DOJ is completely missing from the documents which the DOJ provided.

The strategic plan explains how the incumbent administration is working to increase voter access in different parts of the country, which must be disclosed immediately, the FGA added.

When the FGA kept on grinding the DOJ in the court for the release of the strategic plan, the DOJ asked the court for leeway in the case.

The DOJ noted some of the documents in the case are protected under presidential communications privileges, which cannot be released.

The DOJ also established the release of the strategic plan is expected to create confusion among the public. Multiple polls already predicted Democrats are likely to lose midterm elections.

This article appeared in TheDailyBeat and has been published here with permission.