Doctors: “Punish” Americans Who Refuse COVID-19 Vaccine

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For quite some time now, many Americans have eagerly spoken out against mandates to wear face coverings. People against mandatory masking warned that such requirements were merely prerequisites to compulsory vaccination.


Now, a new op-ed co-written by multiple doctors has objectively confirmed the concerns of many people in this country.

In an opinion piece published by USA Today, medical professionals urge for “compulsory vaccination for everyone” and furthermore state that Americans who decline a vaccine for coronavirus should be subjected to “punishment.”

A Closer Look at the Healthcare Community’s Support for Forced Vaccination

The healthcare opinion writers kicked off their piece, stating that there is “no alternative” but to require everyone in America to receive a vaccine for coronavirus, whether they like it or not.

Furthermore, the op-ed urges the removal of religious exemptions and personal exemptions; this is in addition to stating that “severe penalties” should befall individuals who fail to comply with a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

The “severe penalties” endorsed by medical professionals behind this op-ed include the following: loss of tax credits, revocation of government benefits, loss of employment, loss of access to public transportation (planes, trains, buses, etc.), denial of entry into both public and private auditoriums, etc.

Proof of Vaccination Against Coronavirus and More

Mandating that Americans get a coronavirus vaccine and enacting the aforementioned “severe penalties” for those who refuse doesn’t mark the end of the op-ed, though.

Doctors who wrote the piece continued, stating that following vaccination against COVID-19, a “registry of immunization” should contain names of all who have accepted the shot. Then, the opinion article goes on to endorse “certification cards” with branded expiration dates that individuals can carry around with them as proof of vaccination.

Needless to say, the aforementioned measures recommended by the medical doctors in yesterday’s USA Today op-ed are horrifying to many Americans. Last night, the article began making the rounds on social media with many people questioning the legality and ethics behind forced vaccination and societal restrictions for those who refuse.

One thing is definitely for sure: calls to “require” a coronavirus vaccine for each American have certainly reinforced the beliefs of those who maintain that certain mandates are about social control, rather than stopping a virus. Talk about punishing people who refuse and setting up an immunization registry for “certification cards” also aren’t putting minds at ease.

What do you think about forcing all Americans to take a vaccination for coronavirus? Should people who opt out of a COVID-19 vaccine be punished and barred from participating in society? How do you feel about people carrying around immunization papers as proof of vaccination? Let us know in the comments section below!