DISTURBING: Dr. Fauci Experimented on Beagles

The People for Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) has asked for the resignation of the Dr.-Fauci-led National Institute of Health (NIH) leadership. They asked over the shocking reports that money from US taxpayers was spent on doing experiments on beagles.

Dr. Fauci and NIH exposed innocent animals to cruelty

The National Institute of Health was found to use taxpayers’ money on doing drug testing and other experiments on the beagles.

According to reports, after being injected with drugs, the poor dogs get infected with disease-carrying flies to test the efficacy of the medicine. This damning report raised concerns from animal rights watchdogs.

This prompted PETA to post a tweet, seeking to stop the experiments on animals, and calling for the resignation of Dr. Anthony Fauci.

The senior vice president for laboratory investigations at PETA, Kathy Guillermo, said the nation’s top infectious disease expert and the NIH leadership defended a dangerous and inhumane system that is out of date with modern-day practices.

Likewise, she said it is time to stop these people and recruit younger scientists in the country for these all-important organizations.

While criticizing the stakeholders, Guillermo stated now it is an established fact (for ten years) that doing experiments on animals not only delays the availability of the drugs for human beings, but also wastes billions of dollars from taxpayers.

Lawmakers from both parties are grilling Fauci over the issue 

Meanwhile, the reports have also raised bipartisan criticism from Congress, as congresswoman Nancy Mace (along with 23 Republicans and Democrats) wrote a letter to Dr. Fauci to question him on the dangerous reports.

The concerns about animal brutality in the United States are widespread, for which the NIH responded to Fox News in October. They said animals being tested in the NIH right now are all protected by the laws and regulations of the departments.

Republican Senator Ted Cruz has also hit the hegemonic ambition of the Biden administration. He accused NIAID and Dr. Fauci of “torturing puppies,” by ignoring the efficient methods of drug testing.

While asking people to “stand up to Fauci,” Cruz labeled Fauci’s ambitions as “disgusting.” Similarly, Lauren Boebert, a Republican congresswoman, also added Americans should make Dr. Fauci accountable for his actions.

Boebert further said it was Donald Trump who started calling Fauci a “puppy killer.”

As the reports went viral, Dr. Fauci also got schooled by social media users who asked for his immediate resignation. However, some pro-Fauci reports also surfaced, which suggested Dr. Fauci had no involvement in the whole matter.

However, the White Coat Waste Project said although it was not sure if Dr. Fauci funded the puppies experimentation personally, the project evinced the NIH (under the leadership of Fauci) is involved in funding these outdated projects.

If it is found to be true, Dr. Fauci could face a criminal investigation for bringing the innocent puppies in to be tortured.