DISTURBING: China Uses Mockups of US Aircraft Carrier for Hitting Practice

The top leadership in the Pentagon and Congress are worried about China’s latest practice of creating mock designs of the US Navy aircraft and warships for missile targeting practices.

China increasing military capability faster than expected

China’s latest ambitions were unveiled by satellite images obtained by the United States Naval Institute (USNI) and a Pentagon report. These indicated China is piling up its nuclear arsenal unprecedently.

According to Pentagon reports, Chinese nuclear missiles can soar up to 1,000 arsenals by 2030, which will defy all estimates of the US.

Satellite images in the Xinjiang region of China paint a picture of the country’s rising ambitions, as they’re busy making a “Ford-class” aircraft carrier. By making these mockups, China will practice the real-time wartime scenario by hitting these targets, hence practicing in case the two superpowers come face to face militarily.

Recently, China also tested hypersonic missiles, which indicated its will to accelerate military capacity and challenge the US. Military General Mark Milley called this testing a “very concerning” moment for America, saying it replicates the Sputnik launch of 1957 by the USSR.

Milley also noted China wants to challenge the US, not only regionally, but also globally.

US lawmakers worried about Biden’s inaction on China

The Chinese People Liberation Army Rocket Force (PLARF) is overseeing the anti-ship ballistic missile programs of the country, an organization that came into scrutiny by US investigations recently.

According to Pentagon reports, almost 250 missiles were launched by the PLARF in 2020 alone. All other countries have tested fewer than these missiles combined.

Mike Rogers, a GOP congressman and a member of the House Armed Services Committee, said the US must adapt to the “unprecedented defense modernization” practice to remain competitive in the changing global landscape.

Likewise, he warned the Biden administration the latest developments by China are threatening US sovereignty, which makes military modernization not a choice, but a compulsion. 

Nicolas Chaillan, the former Chief Software Office of the US Air Force, suggested the administration must rely on artificial intelligence capabilities, warning the US is short of time to catch up with the Chinese pace in this regard.

China is currently challenging the United States military on various fronts. Included in them are the South China Sea, the Indo-Pacific face-off, and the rising Taiwan issue that is likely to escalate further in the near future.

Similarly, the Chinese Navy and Coast Guards are also helping the country in increasing naval capability by adding new vessels and putting them in the South China Sea to deter the United States.

Despite building up this much weaponry, China is still denying this, saying the US perceives them as an “imaginary enemy.” It is high time Biden got serious and took real action to safeguard America against China.