Dick Cheney Forgets His Past To Say This About Trump

Former VP Dick Cheney brushed aside his own history (of starting an overseas war centered on crap intel) when he asserted on Thursday that former President Trump is the greatest threat to the nation since the signing of the Declaration of Independence. 

Wyoming Representative Liz Cheney uploaded a video on Thursday, showing her father giving his support to her campaign.

The Iraq War

Donald Trump, according to the former vice president who served under George W. Bush, is the greatest threat in our nation’s 246-year existence.

Dick Cheney said Trump lost the election, and he lost significantly, despite that Trump only lost the 2020 battle by a margin of fewer than 50,000 votes in three states considered to be tipping points.

Yet, Cheney stated he is aware of it, as is Trump, and he believes that the majority of Republicans are also aware of it.

The 81-year-old veteran presidential aide, whose Washington work history dates back to the Ford White House and both of the Bush administrations, popped up in the one-minute ad.

This is less than two weeks before Liz Cheney is scheduled to face the electorate in the primary election.

A poll done in July by the Casper Star-Tribune and backed by Trump shows attorney Harriet Hageman has a 22-point lead over the current representative, who has been in this position for three terms.

Dick Cheney was a “principal architect” of the Iraq war, which sent American forces into a fight that would persist for decades without an exit plan. This role occurred under the second Bush administration.

On the basis of intelligence gathered by the United States, the invasion was carried out under the guise that the ruler of Iraq, Saddam Hussein, was concealing weapons of mass destruction (WMD).

However, it turned out the confidential evidence claimed by the White House to justify the war was one of the greatest intelligence failures in contemporary American history, if not the most significant failure of all time.

Biggest Threat??

The assumption made by the oldest living former vice president that Trump is the biggest threat to the republic in history, on the other hand, glides past the dozens of historical figures who definitely caused more harm. 

Do you think Jefferson Davis, president of the Confederacy who commanded a rebellion that lasted for four years, posed a more negligible danger than Trump does today?

Did the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln by John Wilkes Booth make him less of a threat? Where do we stand with Benedict Arnold?

It is quite doubtful that the ad by Dick Cheney will reprieve Liz’s position in the House.

According to a study conducted by Axios in March, less than two in five Republican voters in Wyoming expressed a positive impression of the former vice president. Unfavorable views of Dick Cheney were expressed by 48% of respondents. 

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.