DHS Secretary Busts Myth of “Systemic Racism” in Policing

"White House Press Briefing" (Public Domain) by The White House

The political left maintains its determination to push the narrative that law enforcement is systemically racist. The numbers don’t bear this out and they never have; nonetheless, Democrats are giving everything they have to demonize and now defund the police force.

Riots and protests have broken out for just about two weeks straight now. Black Lives Matter has managed to bully various Democrat leaders into defunding city police departments, making it tougher for law enforcement to protect and serve.


Thankfully, however, the voices of reason haven’t been completed stomped out by the leftist mob. On Sunday, Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf confirmed that there is no systemic racism within the law enforcement community, documents sources.

The Truth About Policing in America

Yesterday, Wolf sat down for an interview with ABC News. During this time, the DHS secretary stated that while some police officers do “abuse their jobs,” there is not systemic racism within law enforcement.

Shortly thereafter, Wolf affirmed that more can be done to help Americans who feel “slighted” by police; then, he also noted the dangers of painting law enforcement with “broad brush” that declares systemic racism.

The DHS secretary stated that such an untrue generalization actually constitutes a disservice to the many upstanding and good police officers. These officers protect individuals, schools, businesses, and other parts of communities.

Before concluding his interview with ABC News, Wolf also urged listeners to remember the positive contributions that law enforcement gives to society. Sadly, more and more people seem to be forgetting about these positive contributions as they hop aboard the anti-police bandwagon.

What do you think about the statements from Department of Homeland Security Secretary Chad Wolf? Do you believe that systemic racism exists within the U.S. police force? Let us know down below in the comments section.