DeSantis Thanked Biden, Saying He’ve Been “Very Supportive”

DeSantis and Biden put aside political divides as they toured together with the site of the building collapse in Surfside, Florida. 

On Thursday, the apparent partisan divide faded away as Republican Governor Ron DeSantis – a outspoke detractor of Biden and his administration, sat side by side in a briefing amid the deadly disaster in Surfside, Florida. 

DeSantis thanked Biden for recognizing the severity of the disaster from the beginning.

In the briefing, DeSantis can be seen thanking Biden, mentioning how the Democrat president recognized the severity of the disaster since day one and chose to be supportive. 

The governor also recognized the cooperation seen from the federal, state, and local authorities in handling the fallout from the building collapse, saying that their movement “has been great.” 

DeSantis also told Biden that the people working amid the disaster are not only supportive but there is also no bureaucracy involved. 

Biden then responded, saying that he will make sure there is no bureaucracy involved. The president also noted that the bipartisan strategy used in handling the tragedy. In addition, he noted that him and DeSantis being on the scene together shows that they too can cooperate, despite the known political divide. 

DeSantis is a known Republican governor and a favorite of former President Trump. The Republican governor also ascended to the office with the endorsement of former President Trump back in 2018. Recently, DeSantis is also gaining popularity among his Republican colleagues due to his strong leadership and coronavirus responses. This raised speculations of DeSantis running for president in 2024. 

The Republican governor is also outspoken about his issues with Biden and his administration on a wide array of matters. 

Signs of political divide not seen on Thursday

Yet, despite the apparent political issues between him and Biden, signs of opposition were not seen on Thursday; Biden and DeSantis showed strong support in managing the disaster in Surfside, Florida. 

On the other hand, Biden also noted that DeSantis and Mayor Charles Burkett communicated with him as to how the disaster is being handled. 

Biden then indicated that the federal government would assume 100% of the cost that could be incurred in conducting the emergency response. 

In his statement during the briefing, Biden also recognized the anxiety, pain, suffering, and psychological help that the people might need in the following days; Biden noted that assistance will be there to help and is “not going anywhere.”

Biden also sent a message of unity, stating that he and DeSantis are gathered there to symbolize standing as one nation amid the deadly disaster. 

The president also noted that they do not see themselves as leftists or conservatives; they are there are public servants who want to do what is right for the people.