DeSantis Slams Biden’s Gov’t Over Monkeypox Hysteria

On Wednesday, Florida officials retaliated against the mainstream media, charging that it was trying to incite worries about monkeypox.

The Governor is on fire

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis (R) told reporters on Wednesday: “Any of these people you see out there attempting to frighten you about all this, do not listen to their foolishness.”

Florida will not incite anxieties, he claimed, especially with state Surgeon Gen. Joseph Ladapo “at the reins.”

“I’m so tired of politicians instilling terror in the populace; we saw this with COVID. We received calls from mothers concerned their children might contract it at school.”

“We won’t go back to the 1980s when Fauci tried to warn families that they would all contract AIDS while watching TV together.”

He proceeded, saying some of the states announcing state of emergency cases will misuse them and employ power and authority to restrict the liberty of the American people.

“We’re not continuing to go out and try to inflame folks and try to act like they can’t maintain their lives as they’ve been ordinarily doing,” DeSantis said.

Before Ladapo spoke, the governor stated, “We saw it so frequently with COVID.” Ladapo emphasized the need for people to receive accurate information and act sanely.

“You see, if you’re not terrified of this, there will be another thing and something after that. It’s been quite amazing to watch some of the headlines, especially those that very obviously aim to make you scared of monkeypox or fill in the blank.”

“The bulk of the 500 recorded instances of monkeypox in the state is in the men,” Ladapo said, “I mean, these individuals are trying to make you terrified and doing whatever it is they wish you to do.”

He added there have been no deaths and “almost all of the instances have been spread via physical contact and essentially sexual touching, for the most part.”


He noted the state has given about 8,500 of the roughly 24,000 doses of monkeypox vaccines, but he also pointed out “there is actually very little information on this vaccination.”

“There is really less information on this than there was when COVID-19 vaccines were first administered. So, you know, we have to kind of understand more and, and we have to make judgments based on reason and not fear,” he continued.

There are currently 6,326 recorded incidents of monkeypox in the United States, based on the Centers for Disease Control and Management (CDC).

According to information provided by the Centers for Disease Control and Management, 6,600 Americans have contracted monkeypox to date (CDC).

States like New York, California, and Illinois have proclaimed public health emergencies in response to the outbreak in an effort to increase state funding for the disease’s fight.

This article appeared in Powerhouse News and has been published here with permission.