DeSantis Scores a Win With the Florida Supreme Court

The development of COVID-19 vaccines has been controversial since its inception. Many Americans questioned the need for this shot when the virus is 99% survivable for the majority of the general population.

Furthermore, the speed with which these vaccines were developed also gave many folks pause.

Typically, vaccines take years on end to go through the process of development, testing, and distribution. However, COVID vaccines were created in a hurry and on the market within months.

There have since been adverse reactions to these shots in some individuals. Then, there are others who have been vaccinated three and four times, yet still wound up with COVID and with symptoms.

In an effort to get to the bottom of all this, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has asked the Florida Supreme Court to review any financial interests from big pharmaceutical companies that could have motivated how these vaccines ultimately came to be.

According to the Associated Press, the Florida Supreme Court has granted DeSantis’ wish.

Greater Transparency to Come?

Over the past two years, Americans have witnessed predominantly left-wing leaders attempt to force COVID vaccines on the general public. Folks who didn’t want these vaccines were, for a time, excluded from entering certain buildings in parts of the country.

Others wound up losing their jobs, all for a vaccine that does not prevent infection, spread, or transmision of COVID. DeSantis has gone on record pointing out the illegality of companies to mislead folks about the effectiveness of any medical drug.

In the Florida governor’s outreach to the state Supreme Court, he argued that pharmaceutical companies were financially motivated to make people believe taking COVID vaccines would stop them from spreading the virus.

Now, a grand jury is going to be digging into the motives of these companies over the course of 12 months. Depending on what the findings entail, indictments could very well follow.

A Pattern of Good Leadership

In 2021, when the efforts to mandate COVID vaccines were at their height, DeSantis worked with the Florida state legislature to keep vaccine passports of out Florida.

In conjunction with the legislature, DeSantis passed a bill that bars people from having to show proof of vaccination in order to enter businesses or otherwise move through society.

Since it’s now come out that these shots and their boosters cannot stop the spread of COVID, any arguments that were once made in favor of these mandates have no teeth.

During the pandemic, many Americans moved to Florida in order to enjoy freedom and dodge the tyrannical measures being forced in their own states.

What do you think about the Florida Supreme Court agreeing to have a grand jury review the release of COVID vaccines and motivations of pharmaceutical companies? Sound off in the comments area.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.