DeSantis Leads Trump in New Poll

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis has seen his profile raise significantly within the past few years. Much of this deals with how he responded to COVID and stood up against pressure to enact stringent mandates that have since been proven to be failures.

On DeSantis’ watch, Florida’s gone from lagging in GOP voters to GOP voters now outnumbering Democratic voters by about 300,000.

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Much of this has been credited to the thousands upon thousands of people who moved to Florida in order to escape left-wing policies in other states.

As DeSantis grows in popularity, there’s much speculation about whether or not he’ll end up running for president in the 2024 White House race. New polling shows DeSantis is actually leading amongst Republican voters in a critical aspect, per The Hill.

The Poll America Should Know About

In a poll conducted by ABC News/Ipsos, DeSantis was viewed by 72% of Republicans as the best candidate to lead the GOP going forward. Just 64% of Republicans backed Trump as the best person to take the GOP into the future.

Back in September, DeSantis was also shown leading Trump as a hypothetical 2024 candidate amongst Florida Republican voters. This was in a poll run by USA Today-Suffolk University.

Thus far, there’s been a lot of speculation about whether DeSantis, Trump, or both candidates will potentially run for president in 2024. Trump continues to hint at it.

However, DeSantis, who’s currently running for reelection as governor of Florida, maintains the people of his state are the focus of his attention.

In a hypothetical scenario where DeSantis decided to run for president in 2024, this would likely be announced well into 2023. Various super PACs, nevertheless, are expressing support for a DeSantis 2024 presidential run. Ready For Ron is one example of said PAC.

Time Will Tell

At the end of the day, it remains to be seen who ends up leading the Republican Party into the future. 2024 will definitely have serious implications. This upcoming election will determine whether or not Republicans are able to take back control of the White House.

This will likewise come on the heels of the midterms where Republicans are hard at work to regain control of the House and Senate. Under left-wing leadership, America’s been in steady decline. Many voters are waking up and seeing the writing on the wall.

With DeSantis set to win reelection as governor of Florida, there’s no doubt his reach and star power in the Republican Party will continue to grow.

What do you make of the new poll showing that more Republicans favor DeSantis over Trump to be the leader of the GOP going forward? Let us know in the comments area below what you think is going to come next for DeSantis.

This article appeared in New Vision News and has been published here with permission.