Dems Strive to Kill ‘Strike Force’ Defending US Border in Arizona

Arizona’s new Democratic Governor Katie Hobbs, who was barely elected in November with a minimal lead, is trying to abolish the state’s Border Strike Force.

This is a special border policing unit. It seems badly needed amid the continuing illegal immigration and Mexican drug cartel invasion aided and abetted by President Joe “No Border” Biden.

Barely Elected but Already Making Crucial Decisions

Hobbs won by 0.6 points in the Arizona 2022 gubernatorial race against Republican Kari Lake.

In any case, the new Democratic governor apparently thinks she scored such a resounding victory and is now entitled to make radical decisions, such as destroying Arizona’s Border Strike Force.

Also, apparently, according to Hobbs, the more than six million illegals who have invaded the US so far, thanks to Biden’s Democrats – and the vast imports of fentanyl by the Mexican drug cartels – are just not enough.

According to Hobbs, Americans “need” a lot more of both.

Arizona’s Border Strike Force was established in 2015 by the state’s former two-term GOP Governor Doug Doucey as part of the state Department of Public Safety. Its job is to target border crime, but also “secure” the border and counter “transnational criminal organizations,” as per its website.

Hobbs Claims It’s ‘Not Striking’

In a recent tour of the border with Biden’s woke Secretary of Homeland Security, Alejandro Mayorkas, Hobbs declared the Democrats’ budget for the state “intends” to “reallocate” the funding of the Border Strike Force.

This is so it can be “most purposeful,” Fox News reported. Hobbs argued the unit was “not a force” and it was not doing any “striking at the border.”

The decision to kill the Border Strike Force also enjoys backing from Democratic Senator Mark Kelly.

However, Arizona Republicans in the House of Representatives have been particularly infuriated by Hobbs’ idea, which they say would “weaken” security at the US-Mexican border at a time of a “historic migrant crisis.”

Rep. Paul Gosar warned that Hobbs’ open border will cause “countless more people” to die, while Rep. Andy Biggs declared her move to be “shameful.”

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.