Deep Blue City More Divided and Racist Than Ever

Democrats who usually try to champion the narrative of diversity failed to protect the lives of minority groups.

When New York City’s former Mayor Bill de Blasio assumed power in 2014, he claimed he would end all the injustices and inequalities in the city.

However, eight years down the line, the deep blue city is more divided and more racist; its inequality is reaching an all-time high.

Liberal Mayor Failed to Protect Black Communities

Bill de Blasio built up his mayoral campaign by bragging he would end the “tale of two cities” and NYC would be considered the best place to live in the United States.

Today, white neighborhoods of NYC are safe, while low-income areas, black-dominated neighborhoods, and middle-class localities are grappling with waves of violent crimes.

Many progressive politicians are dominating the politics of NYC, which is one of the reasons for increasing crime in the city.

In 72 out of 77 precincts of the New York Police Department, nonviolent crimes, including robbery and shoplifting, are rising, compared to last year.

Likewise, violent crimes, including murders, felonies, and shootings, are rising in most of the minority areas, which makes NYC one of the most dangerous places for minorities.

This year’s murder statistics deflate the narrative of former Mayor Bill de Blasio, who claimed to end all the inequality in the city, but failed to do it in his seven-year tenure.

Until August 8, 261 people were killed in the city in 2022; most of these murders were in the 40 most neglected precincts of the city.

The Bronx community, which is the home of most of the Hispanics and Black people of NYC, reported 32% of the total murders in the city, even though the community just comprises 18% of NYC’s population.

In addition to that, 11 people were murdered. 56 were shot in the 75th Precinct of Brooklyn, an area where 90% of residents are either Black or Hispanic.

Similarly, 12 people were killed in the 73rd precinct, which is also heavily populated by minority groups.

On the other hand, the 20th Precinct, which is located on the upper west side of the city, recorded no murder in the first eight months of this year.

Far-Left Policies Endangering Black People

Reportedly, the so-called “bail reforms” of New York are responsible for the violent wave of crimes in the city.

In their bid to preach equality, progressive lawmakers of the state backed a bill that sought to give bail to dangerous criminals who have the tendency to recidivism. 

For instance, the progressive criminal justice system of the state has given bail to a career offender, Alexander Wright.

Even though the police have arrested Wright 42 times for various crimes, the so-called “bail reforms” of the state are making his release possible as he continues to evade justice.

These hyper-progressive actions of liberal politicians in New York also deflate their Black Lives Matter (BLM) campaign, as they are endangering the lives of this community themselves.

This article appeared in Right Wing Insider and has been published here with permission.