Democrats Tense About Twitter Activism of Republicans’ Account

Top Democrats, including officials of Biden’s White House, are worried about the aggressive stance of the RNC Research Twitter account, which leaves no stone unturned in exposing the ineffectiveness of the federal government.

The Twitter handle @RNCResearch is controlled by the Republican National Committee and mostly tweets short video clips to expose Democrats.

RNC Twitter Handle Giving Nightmares to Democrats

Left-leaning media outlet Politico reported that RNCResearch is the “least favorite Twitter account” of the White House these days.

After Politico’s report, the RNC took the screenshot of the story and put it as the new cover photo of their Twitter account.

Democratic strategists are also worried about the Twitter activism of the RNC account.

A former official of Joe Biden’s campaign asserted the Republican Party handed over the Twitter account to some immature teenagers who post video content without any context.

Likewise, the campaign strategist claimed the approach of the RNC is badly impacting the reputation of the Republican Party.

Responding to these remarks of the strategist, a conservative Twitter user advised him to cry louder, adding young conservatives are enough to destroy the liberal propaganda on Twitter.

RNC officials already know their social media handle is causing difficulties for Democrats. Emma Vaughn, the spokesperson of the RNC, noted Democrats should do their jobs, instead of complaining about the Twitter account of the Republican Party.

One official of the RNC told Politico their Twitter handle aims to bring Biden out of his political honeymoon. Reportedly, the account is playing a critical role in damaging Biden’s approval ratings.

RNC Accomplishing Its Goals By Exposing Dems

The team behind the RNC believes it is accomplishing its purpose by exposing Biden. According to RNC rapid response director Tommy Pigott, RNC is successfully reaching out to Americans, which is encouraging them to vote for Republicans.

This assertive stance of the RNC is also urging some White House officials to change their behavior.

Previously, White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre used to refuse to answer reporters a lot, but the RNC account pressed her for that approach.

Afterward, Jean-Pierre stopped using her signature phrase, which mentions that she does not have anything to say about the question asked of her.

In June, the RNC posted a 10-minute-long compilation video of different Democrats decrying the election results of 2000, 2004, and 2016, even though they complained about Trump’s efforts to highlight election fraud after the 2020 presidential race.

Though some left-leaning observers believe the RNC Twitter handle crosses all limits while criticizing the government.

For instance, the Twitter handle recently posted a video of Biden seeking the permission of Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear to speak at an event.

While the RNC slammed the president for this measure, some political observers believe Biden was trying to be polite with the governor.

This article appeared in The State Today and has been published here with permission.