Democrats Now See the Crime Surge and They are Worried

Democrats are now worried about the rising crime rates, as they point the blame towards Republicans. 

The White House and the Democrat Party are now employing a different strategy; they’re citing the $1.9 trillion COVID relief plan as a package that allegedly includes funding for the police; they’re then throwing the blame on Republicans for not supporting this package. 

Tactics employed by the White House, a mix of denial and excuse-making

The tactics employed by White House staffers last week are a mix of excuse-making and denial; they now claim that it is the Republicans who support defunding the police. 

The new strategy employed by the Democrat Party was made apparent during the press briefing of White House press secretary Jen Psaki; Psaki falsely claimed that it was the Republican Party that backs the “defund the police” movement.

Her attempt to flip the blame is reliant on the resistance of Republicans to vote for the $1.9 trillion dollar COVID plan pushed by the Biden administration; however, has nothing to do with crime or police. 

Not only did the trillion-dollar COVID relief package made no mention of police funding, but Biden is also now in a desperate move to curb the crime rates. This is seen as Biden forces cities to use their $350 billion bailout money to pay for their law enforcement. 

However, despite the desperate move to wipe the blood off Democrats’ hands, the effort is not enough to make it go away. 

A series of polls reflect the growing public anxiety over the rising violent crimes. This is bolstered by the fact that voters in New York supported a candidate who champions combating crime as his top priority. 

Eric Adams, a retired NYPD captain, was the lone candidate in New York’s mayoral primary to announce combating crime as his priority. Meanwhile, the seven other Democrats in the mayoral race are not looking at the vital issue as the number of deaths resulting from violent crimes climbs. 

Other Democrats also continued to parrot the main talking points of the party, such as systemic racism, climate changes, higher taxes for the wealthy, and so on. 

Republican senator mocked Democrats’ claims

Meanwhile, Republican Senator Ted Cruz slammed Democrats’ allegations as silly and baseless. Cruz said that Democrats are now creating a new spin to the “Defund the Police” issue. He added that they are trying to escape the blame, amid the rising crime rate. 

Cruz also mentioned that these accusations made by Democrats against the GOP lawmakers are the same as saying the Democrat Party wants to create a border wall. 

The Texas senator then mentioned a list of Democrats who have been vocal about their support to defund the police; this list includes Rep. Cori Bush and Rep. Ayanna Pressley.

Cruz added that the Democrat Party is now dealing with the consequences of their actions; this is the reason they are trying to wash their hands and throw the blame on someone else.