Democrats Chase Their Own Jackass’ Tail in Nevada

Despite a slight rise last month, the Democrat Party is once again looking like it’s in big trouble ahead of the midterms.

With the big day almost upon us, the party just can’t get its act together and is chasing its own jackass’ tail.

The perfect example comes out of Nevada, where the party is even sending out mailers against opponents to the wrong district! Yes, seriously.

Don’t Vote For Sam Peters!

Sam Peters is running in Nevada’s 4th District. He hopes to be a strong voice for the American way in the House of Representatives and help be part of a red wave.

As a Republican with some good momentum, Peters is on the Democratic attack list. They want this guy to lose.

So, they print out mailers full of info they think will hurt him and propaganda and send them around to residents. It’s a common political practice on all sides; the basic idea is telling people not to vote for this man or woman because of XYZ.

The problem is Democrats sent out thousands of mailers to the wrong district, peppering Nevada’s 1st district with all sorts of anti-Peters propaganda. It lay scattered on the ground as people ignored it.

Why would you be sending attack mail to people who don’t even live in the district where Peters is running? The answer is easy: gross incompetence. 

Peters Respond To The Attacks

Peters said the ridiculous attacks, which are “outrageous lies,” are not his main concern. What bothers him even more is seeing how the Democrat Party is all too willing to waste money on mistakes like this.

It’s possible to at least respect an opponent who plays by the rules and plays smart. Though the Democrat Party is increasingly a party of corrupt cheaters, liars, and those who can’t even figure out the basics.

Would you trust a mechanic to fix your engine if he didn’t know where the oil goes or what a steering wheel is for? I wouldn’t!

Peters says his plan is to return some actual “responsibility” to Nevada, instead of this kind of stupidity that can be seen in the mailer mistake.

Democrats actually sent out five types of attack mail to people in the 1st district, paying lots of money to flood residents with nonsense who aren’t even in the right district.

This kind of stuff should give even hardcore Democrats a moment of pause; it speaks to the relevance and competence of the party. If they waste money on such a basic mistake, how much more do they waste on bigger matters?

The Bottom Line

These guys can’t figure out how to key a few addresses into an Excel sheet, but they want to represent Americans in Congress? Hilarious.

This article appeared in Mainstpress and has been published here with permission.