Democrats Are Pushing America into Bankruptcy

Ted Cruz, a Republican senator from Texas, slammed President Biden for the massive social spending bill. Cruz also stated the spending spree generated by Democrats is causing further damage to the U.S. economy.

The Republican senator likewise mentioned chronic inflation in the country, claiming the Democrat-backed bill will drive prices even higher.

Spending too much money will take inflation in America higher

Democrats will once again bring forward Biden’s Build Back Better agenda in Congress this week. This comes after Democrats biting the dust several times recently, which led Republicans to hold them accountable.

Cruz noted due to the spending of trillions of dollars, the debt is racking up at an unprecedented rate, which signifies a dangerous trend. He added the massive bills authored by Democrats and endorsed by Biden are causing more damage, instead of healing the economy.

The GOP senator made an analogy between Biden and former Democrat President Jimmy Carter, saying the current era is a resemblance of Carter’s tenure when inflation rose to an unmeasurable extent.

Speaking about the reasons for rising inflation, Cruz added spending too much government money on public schemes often results in inflation, which is exactly the case this time.

The senator added neither Biden nor Harris cares about the persisting inflation; hence, they cannot take any effective measures in combating these crises.

Moderate Democrat senators are saving the country from bankruptcy

Joe Biden is likely to sign the infrastructure bill on Monday.

After this move, Democrats are expected to intensify their efforts of passing more expensive legislation. This social spending bill is being stopped by Republican lawmakers and moderate Democrat senators, such as Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema.

Ted Cruz praised the role played by both of these moderate senators, asserting 48 Democrat senators want to bankrupt the country. However, Cruz added Manchin and Sinema have successfully managed to slow down Biden’s reckless spending.

He noted Republicans oppose this measure because it is being paid for with Americans’ money that will ultimately drive inflation even higher. Cruz sympathized with those feeling guilty about voting for Biden, saying this spending package does not portray what Biden campaigned on during the election. 

The Republican lawmaker said this is not the Biden Republicans have known for ages, as this time, he is more assertive in pushing his radical agenda.

While praising the GOP victory in Virginia elections and significant gains in New Jersey, Cruz said Americans did not vote for Democrats in the 2021 elections because they believe Biden is a crazy president.

Cruz also vowed to take the House back during the 2022 midterm elections, noting the Republican wave is on its way.

The latest polls of ABC News have busted Democrats’ hopes for the midterm elections. 51 percent of registered voters said they would have voted for a Republican candidate, compared to 41 percent to Democrats, if midterm elections were held today.

This was the first poll after Congress passed the infrastructure bill. It’s suggested 70 percent of Americans perceive the nation’s economy as going in the wrong direction.