Democratic Socialists of America Snub Joe Biden

Earlier this month, socialist Bernie Sanders suspended his presidential campaign, hence leaving Joe Biden as the last remaining Democrat candidate.

Due to Biden’s delegate count and the fact that he outlasted all in-party competitors, he is, in fact, the presumptive Democrat nominee. One might think that everyone on the left would be rallying behind the former vice president in order to beat Trump, but this simply isn’t so.


Over the weekend, the Democratic Socialists of America made very clear their disdain for Biden via Twitter. While their statement was short, it spoke volumes and proves that Biden is incapable of rallying strong, collective support from even the left side of the aisle.

Democratic Socialists of America on Biden and 2020

On Sunday, the socialist group took to their Twitter feed and posted a simple, yet very direct point; this point affirmed their decision not to endorse Biden. While the Democratic Socialists of America declined to go into further details, their reasons are quite apparent; furthermore, it marks yet another divide between progressives and the establishment wing of the Democrat Party.

The Democratic Socialists of America did, however, endorse Bernie Sanders during his candidacy. This is in keeping with the progressive wing’s strong support for very far-left politics; during Sanders’ candidacy, he managed to reach a very different faction of the Democrat Party than Joe Biden.

Pushback from Biden Backers and Establishment Democrats

Needless to say, the Democratic Socialists of America took some heat from Biden supporters and establishment Democrats. These two groups argued that Democratic Socialists of America should endorse Biden for the sake of defeating President Trump. Likewise, Biden supporters accused the progressive party of “equating” Biden to Trump.


The former vice president has yet to respond to the Democratic Socialists of America. The progressive group has, however, worked hard to distinguish themselves as much further to the left than the Democrat Party of today.

What do you think about the DSA’s refusal to endorse Joe Biden? Will the presumptive nominee be able to win over the progressive wing of the Democrat Party? Let us know in the comments section below!