Democratic Mayors Tolerate Skyrocketing Crimes in Their Cities

Democrat mayors of New York, Chicago, and Philadelphia are facing backlash for their controversial claims over the latest layers of crimes. In all three cities, crime is bordering unprecedented limits; however, cities’ mayors seem to be untouched.

Crime rate rising in blue cities

As per the FBI data, the murder rate rose by nearly 30% all over the United States between 2019 and 2020.

While Chicago is the worst impacted city all across the country, New York already broke all records of murders in 2021. Smash and grab crimes have been up ticking in the country lately, as markets got busy, due to the holiday season.

Lori Lightfoot, the Democrat mayor of Chicago, made controversial remarks on the rising smash and grab robberies. She noted retailers are not taking enough precautionary measures in order to save their facilities from robberies.

In addition to this, Lightfoot also asserted many retailers have no officers at their posts, and they do not lock up their merchandise well at night, which is promoting crimes in the city. However, retailers were quick in denouncing the mayor’s comments.

Bill de Blasio, New York outgoing mayor, defended his mayorship of eight years in a Fox News interview. He noted the city has been safer under his administration, compared to the previous ones.

These comments came at a time when record-breaking murders were reported in the city last year; the murder ratio remains high this year as well, compared to other cities.

The mayor noted he successfully managed to lower index crimes by bridging the gap between the police and civil society. In addition to that, de Blasio promised to bring the city to pre-pandemic times.

Democrat lawmakers have a history of downplaying crimes

Larry Krasner, a district attorney of Philadelphia, claimed the city is not observing lawlessness at all, with no crises of violence and crime.

Krasner defied the latest data, according to which the city has seen an almost 13% increase in homicide. However, the attorney noted the data was not true and must not eyewash people into believing the city is facing a violent wave.

Although Krasner backtracked from his comments later on, he did not apologize for his misleading remarks, claiming his words were perceived erroneously.

George Gascon, the Los Angeles district attorney, also came into the limelight as critics blamed his bail policies which let 14 suspects who were allegedly involved in 11 smash-and grab-crimes last month roam freely.

Far-left Democrats, including AOC, also denied the existence of these crimes, for which she received bipartisan backlash. While Republicans blamed her for being “tone-deaf,” White House press secretary Jen Psaki argued the administration did not agree with AOC.

Likewise, she noted the Biden administration has been working with the Department of Justice to curb these crimes.