Democrat Nominee Jailed For Terrorist Remarks

A Democrat running for Arkansas auditor is charged with making terroristic remarks. Diamond Arnold-Johnson was detained for terroristic threats, KARK stated.

Arnold-Johnson may have even live-streamed the officers’ arrival, showing her opening the front door. The footage shows several Little Rock police officers making the arrest.

A Trend

Arnold-Johnson is Arkansas’s auditor candidate. Early voting for the Nov. 8 election began Monday.

The Arkansas Democrat Party said in a remark, “today, Little Rock police detained Diamond Arnold-Johnson.”

“Everyone has a right to a fair trial, but our party thinks criminals, including contenders for public office, must be called to account.”

“The Arkansas Democrat Party didn’t invite her to run for Auditor of State, so we can’t stop her. We’re focusing on improving Arkansas and winning races.”

Anthony J. Arquiett, 56, was detained in December for possession of cocaine and drunk driving, Breitbart News said. He’s the second St. Lawrence County Democrat convicted for cocaine this year.

St. Lawrence County lawmaker Arquiett was in a two-car crash on December 4.

The lawmaker apparently told an officer, “I had plenty to drink.” The police supposedly found 2.5 grams of cocaine and two dextroamphetamine sulfate tablets on Arquiett.

Ed Narrow, his attorney, informed the New York Post that the lawmaker would plead not guilty in January. Narrow said his client wouldn’t resign from office, either.

Rep. Elise Stefanik stated North Country Democrats have a drug and crime issue. She said it’s a travesty that Arquiett won’t resign and fellow Democrats stay mute.

Drugs are a rising problem in the state’s north, experts told The Post. Franklin County Sheriff Kevin Mulverhill stated 60% to 80% of convicts have a drug problem. Cocaine is filling the void left by the opioid pandemic.

Tim Currier and Simon Conroy

Tim Currier, former mayor of Massena and retired police chief, was detained on Dec. 1, 2020 for reportedly leading regional officers on a car pursuit through the hamlet.

Detectives saw him “throwing about one gram of crack cocaine through his passenger window,” as reported by the sheriff’s office.

The video shows him being handcuffed at gunpoint. Currier, 56, was accused of possession of cocaine, evidence tampering, and resisting arrest.

Afterward, he resigned. He said, “I made some terrible decisions” after his arrest. “I’m humiliated and embarrassed in myself, my family, and my colleagues.”

Simon Conroy, a Clinton County legislator, was arrested for cocaine in September 2019. He’s also accused of stalking a female acquaintance. Police didn’t say where he was apprehended with the cocaine in Plattsburgh.

“I was charged with disorderly actions. I think the accusation was fabricated by a crooked cop. I had a mid-life crisis in the previous 30 days.”

“Recent trauma has been challenging for my family and me. I apologize sincerely. My priority is mending fences. Please allow me to advance my run for Clinton County Legislature chairman,” he stated after being jailed.

“I got a million-dollar education this month during a midlife crisis and a bender. I had many new experiences,” he remarked. After his arrest, a $500 fine, and a 180-day jail sentence, he withdrew.

This article appeared in The Political Globe and has been published here with permission.