Democrat El Paso Mayor Justifies Carpooling Undocumented Immigrants to NYC

El Paso’s Democratic mayor justified his city’s strategy of commuting undocumented immigrants 2,200 miles to New York City, stating the struggling West Texas city is merely assisting them in reaching their final destination. 

Mayor Oscar Leeser stated on ABC’s “This Week” that migrants are being treated compassionately, despite Democratic criticism of Republican leaders for moving them to blue cities and liberal towns.

Leeser stated up to 2,000 illegal immigrants enter his city daily.


Leeser, who functioned as mayor from 2013 to 2017 and was re-elected last year, stated people are not moving to El Paso, but rather to the United States. Nobody is sent somewhere they do not like to go. They ensure they are assisted. 

He stated they place migrants on buses with food and ensure they arrive at their destination, as well as ensure they continue to meet and treat people as individuals.

Abbott and other Republican governors, Ron DeSantis of Florida and Doug Ducey of Arizona, have sent illegal aliens to blue cities and states in an attempt to draw attention to the border issue. 

Since President Biden assumed office and rescinded numerous important features of former President Trump’s border security policy, an astonishing two million unauthorized immigrants have surged into the country. 

Abbott stated last month that President Biden’s passivity at our southern border keeps putting Texans and Americans in danger and overwhelms our towns.

Chicago will join other sanctuary cities as an extra drop-off point to continue giving much-needed relief to their overwhelmed border towns. 

Since April, more than 7,700 unlawful immigrants were left off in Washington and more than 2,100 in New York, according to Abbott’s office. The state reportedly spent $12 million on bus charters


While Democrats have accused Republican leaders of human trafficking, due to this behavior, Leeser has not been criticized.

In the past month, Leeser and the El Paso city council, controlled by Democrats, sent over 30 buses full of undocumented immigrants to New York and are requesting payment from the Federal Emergency Management Agency. 

El Paso’s city council unanimously implemented a $2 million, 16-month contract to keep busing undocumented immigrants out of the city, according to Fox News. 

The Wall Street Journal reported Friday that the Biden presidency has been carpooling and flying illegal immigrants, pending asylum or deportation proceedings, across the country for more than a year. 

The other week, Regional Border Patrol Director Gloria Chavez posted images on Instagram depicting up to a thousand illegal immigrants huddled under a bridge in El Paso because federal officials are overworked. 

Rep. Tony Gonzales (R-TX), whose district includes a portion of the city, stated that he has never witnessed anything similar. It is a scene you would expect to see in a third-world country, not El Paso.

This article appeared in NewsHouse and has been published here with permission.