Cuomo’s Assistant Goes Public, Telling Story How the Governor Hugged, Kissed, and Groped Her

The executive assistant of New York Governor Andrew Cuomo went public as she described how the governor hugged, groped, and kissed her without her consent. 

Brittany Commisso, Cuomo’s executive assistant goes public for the first time

Cuomo’s executive assistant, Brittany Commisso, stepped forward for the first time as she publicly accused the governor of groping her under her shirt.

In an interview with CBS This Morning, Commisso described in detail the experiences she had while working with the governor. She also explained the reason why she didn’t go public sooner. Commisso detailed how Cuomo’s behavior towards her intensified over time. According to her, it started with hugs. 

Commisso said the hugs Cuomo gave were not the type of hug he would give to his brother or his mother. She added that the hugs Cuomo gave her were hugs with the intent of taking sexual satisfaction. 

The executive assistant added that the acts started as hugs and kisses on her cheek. She said at one point, there was a time when Cuomo hugged her, then kissed her on her cheek; afterwards, he turned his head and kissed her on the lips. 

Commisso, however, admitted that in response to this, she did not say anything; however, she explained the reason why that’s the case. She said that people do not understand that the person we are talking about is the New York governor.

Commisso added that Cuomo has troopers outside who are there not to protect her, but instead to protect him. She added that she felt like if she did something that insulted Cuomo, particularly in his home, it would not be him who got fired or got in trouble. 

Brittany Commisso is one of the 11 women who was referenced in the brutal report by Attorney General Letitia James; this report alleged how the New York governor sexually harassed various women, violating federal and state law. 

Cuomo denied all wrongdoings, claiming it is his customary greeting to hug and kiss people

On the other hand, Cuomo denied all wrongdoing towards Commisso as well as the accusations of ten other women cited in the report. 

The governor merely responded to the allegations of giving unwanted kisses or hugs by stating that it is his form of greeting people. He and his party even released a montage of him hugging and kissing people, men and women alike. 

Commisso, however, responded that maybe to the governor his acts were normal, but for her and the ten other women who were in the report, these acts are not normal. She then added that the hugs and kisses Cuomo gave were not welcomed nor were they consensual.

The conduct of the governor escalated further when the executive assistant told the investigators that Cuomo also grabbed her butt, reached up to her blouse, and cupped her breast. 

Commisso said that the event escalated so fast; Cuomo did not say anything and when she stopped him, he just pulled his hands away and walked off. The executive assistant then mentioned that at that time, she finally had the courage to file a complaint.