Cuomo Sex Scandal Should NOT Overshadow Senior Deaths

"Gov. Cuomo & Chairman Prendergast Ride E Train" (CC BY 2.0) by Metropolitan Transportation Authority of the State of New York

Family members of nursing home seniors who died after contracting Coronavirus while in the nursing home told Fox News that they hope the sexual harassment claims against Cuomo do not overshadow what they see as an equally important issue. 

In an interview with Fox News, Grace Colucci, a daughter of John Daly, 89, died last spring after contracting COVID-19 in a nursing home in New York, blasted state Democrats.

Colucci said, “It seems like the focus, and the outcry of the Democrats in New York State have brought on so much reaction of outrage on the sexual harassment, and they have totally ignored what he has done involving the nursing home scandal, his cover-up, his disregard for their attempts to have hearings,” who added that she herself had experienced workplace sexual harassment. 

Colucci also added that she wants to see Cuomo face the consequences for potential obstruction of justice.

She also told Fox News, “As far as a resignation, I feel that that would be an escape for the governor.” Colucci added, “I think that he would go off and spend the rest of his life may be getting a job on CNN. He can do a spot with his brother.”

Theresa Sari, whose mother Maria Sachse, 60, died after catching Coronavirus while living in a nursing home in New York, also told Fox News in an interview that watching Cuomo take heat from both the sexual harassment claims and the nursing home directive is “a bit overwhelming.”

Sari said, “That’s a bit overwhelming because I don’t think that was expected to come out around the same time.” She continued, “People are more outraged regarding the sexual claims rather than the thousands of people who passed away in nursing homes. It’s unfortunate.”

Sari also added, “I’m sure he’s going to get forced out. I think he’s too prideful to just resign. … He’s too narcissistic.”

Following the allegations of sexual harassment and inappropriate behavior by three women, Cuomo apologized during a news conference last Wednesday, telling reporters that he is “embarrassed” by his actions. He also added that he would cooperate with the New York attorney general’s investigation of his conduct. 

Meanwhile, New Yorkers and Democratically elected officials in the state are calling Cuomo to resign. 

Before the sexual harassment scandal, Cuomo was already receiving backlash from both Democrats and Republicans over his handling of the nursing homes’ coronavirus crisis.

One notable Democrat who stepped forward was New York State Assemblyman Ron Kim, who stated that Cuomo should face impeachment for allegedly hiding the number of coronavirus deaths in nursing homes. 

Vivian Zayas, whose mother, Ana Martinez, 78, died while recovering from surgery in a nursing home in New York, said, “We’ve been clamoring for 11 months for justice and truth and accountability for our seniors. That will not change whether he leaves office or not.”

Zayas also told Fox News in an interview, “We still want the truth about why [Cuomo] put COVID-positive patients into the nursing homes and, ultimately, the cover-up that came afterward.”

According to Zayas, she and her sister Alexa Rivera co-founded the group Voice for Seniors as part of their mission “to change the system, so our seniors are treated with respect and accountability.”

She said, “We feel overshadowed to a degree.” She added, “Yes, sexual harassment claims are very important, but when we compare that to 15,000 lives lost, not able to be returned to their families, that should not be overlooked.”