Cuban-Americans Protest at the WH Urging Biden to Take Action to “Free Cuba”

Protesters from all over the country gathered in front of the White House last Sunday night. They did this in an effort to have the Biden administration take a more firm stance in supporting the anti-communist demonstrations in Cuba. 

Protesters want Bident to take more actions for the freedom of Cubans

The Biden administration previously declared its support for the anti-communist demonstrators in Cuba. However, according to the report from Miami Herald, protesters have different expectations of what “more” meant. Some protesters went as far as asking for U.S. military intervention in Cuba. 

One protester stated that Cuba is in need of human intervention and not bombs. Perez also added that Biden should not only say what’s proper, but he should actually take action and do what’s proper. Thousands of more protesters are expected to arrive in Washington on Monday. 

Maria Fundora, the leader of a Texas-based group of protesters, called Cuba Libre stated that there are at least 18 buses that left from Miami to protest. However, there were only three buses that arrived in Washington on Sunday. Other protesters from Texas and Tampa, Florida are also on their way to Washington. 

Fundora furthermore added that she haven’t seen anything like that before, saying that the last two weeks caused so many emotions for her that she’s having a hard time concentrating. 

Protester: the silence of the Biden administration “speaks volumes”

Another protester, Luis Luchuga Jr., stated in an interview with Fox News that the Biden administration is “way too slow” in acting on the situation in Cuba. Luchuga also called out the lack of action of the Biden administration, as demonstrators start their third week of protests calling for freedom. 

The protester also added that the silence of the Biden administration “speaks volumes”. He claimed that it is deafening since it speaks a lot about their true ideology.

He then questioned whether the Biden administration’s ideology is aligned with Cuba. He also asked why can’t they take decisive action right away with what is happening in the country. On the other hand, Fox News noted that the Biden administration is trying to provide COVID vaccines to Cubans. 

However, Luchuga countered saying that it is “misinformation”. He said that the people in Cuba need intervention, they need help. 

Luchuga fled Cuba when he was eight years old; he stated that being born there, he has a lot of love for the country but the country lacks everything else. He added that the situation in Cuba just got worse, where now Cubans cannot even feed or clothe themselves.

The people don’t have water or electricity; that is why Cubans are out in the street seeking their freedom. Luchuga emphasized that the Cuban people need help and they no longer want “crumbs,” they want their freedom.