“Creepy Joe”: Biden’s Disturbing Moment, Complimenting a Young Girl

"1280px-Joe_Biden_(49405107506)" (CC BY 2.0) by jlhervàs

On Friday, Biden’s comment towards a young girl during a speech caused alarm amongst Americans; the sitting president said the girl looks like a “little [lady] with her legs crossed.”

During a speech to the military families on Friday, President Biden made Americans cringe when he went to the prompter. As he spoke to the military troops and their families, Biden gave a shoutout to a young daughter of one of the veterans, who also went to the prompter to address the crowd. 

As he was facing the audience, Biden said to the girl that he loves the barrettes in her hair. He then made more comments saying that she looks like the young girl looks like she is 19, sitting like a lady with her legs crossed. 

“Creepy Joe” trending on Twitter

Critics went on to social media to voice out their concerns, to the point that the phrase “Creepy Joe” was trending on Twitter. 

RealClearPolitics co-founder Tom Bevan reacted as he wrote, “Um, wut.”

YouTube host Dave Rubin also took it on Twitter and wrote, “The scandal is the non-scandal.”

Meanwhile, Columbia and Adelphi Professor Zenkus also wrote on Twitter. He stated that as an expert in sexual abuse, he’s given adults training on recognizing conduct from other adults that is unsafe and maintaining the safety of their kids.

Zenkus then added that Biden’s words and actions are “troubling and creepy.” 

Biden, notorious for this type of behavior

This is not the first time that Biden showed red flags in relation to remarks he made to young ladies. During a campaign stop in Miami, Biden also made remarks to a group of “beautiful young ladies.”

When he paid a visit to the Little Haiti Cultural Center, Biden spotted a group of young girls to the side. Biden then said that he wanted to see the “beautiful young ladies,” and he also wants to see them dancing when they are four years older. 

Video footage showed that Biden’s remarks were addressed to two young girls who appear to be sitting off to the side. The video footage, which was published last year in October, went viral. It also sparked accusations of Joe Biden’s “creepy” behavior towards young girls. 

“Joe Biden” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by Gage Skidmore

Then in February, during a video conference, he told an Arizona nurse that she looked like a “freshman” in college. 

During his term as vice president, Biden was also notorious for coming too close to women for comfort. 

During the ceremony of Ash Carter being sworn in as defense secretary back in 2015, Biden stood behind Carter’s wife, held her shoulders very tightly, and whispered into her ear from time to time.

Earlier that same year, Biden was also seen whispering to the teenage daughter of Senator Chris Coons, and then kissed her on the head.