COVID-19 Surges Interfere with Trump 2020 Campaign Events

"President Trump Travels to Wisconsin" (Public Domain) by The White House

The apparent emergence of new coronavirus cases is interfering with the plans of many Americans. Last week, Floridians and Texans got bad news when their states reimplemented parts of shutdowns in order to “flatten” a reportedly rising curve of COVID-19.

As more cases of coronavirus are found, some people are putting a pin in their plans. Elected officials are eager to not look weak or permissive in the wake of this virus, despite its high recovery rate.


Unfortunately, COVID-19 is also interfering with political events planned by President Trump’s 2020 re-election campaign. Fox News notes Vice President Mike Pence’s tentative cancellation of campaign events scheduled to take place in Arizona and Florida.

What to Know About the Recently-Scrapped Events

Prior to the surging cases of coronavirus, the vice president planned to host and engage in “Faith In America” events in Arizona and Florida. These gatherings would have marked several new in-person campaign activities as the Trump campaign works to directly re-engage with voters.

Sadly, however, “Faith In America” is on hold. A spokesperson for Pence confirmed yesterday that the vice president “will no longer participate” in these previously-arranged gatherings. The spokesperson also specifically verified that this newfound cancellation is a result of “coronavirus numbers increasing” in both Arizona and Florida.

While the campaign events are off, the vice president will still go to Arizona, Florida, and Texas this week. During this time, Pence will convene with Governors Ducey, DeSantis, and Abbott to discuss surges in coronavirus along with appropriate mitigation strategies.

How Will New Surges Impact Trump’s Re-Election?

In conservative circles, there are some existing concerns about whether or not new cases of coronavirus will adversely impact Trump’s chances of winning a second term in office. These concerns from Republicans arrive not only in the wake of scrapped Trump events, but also the reality of states like Texas and Florida regressing back into shutdown modes.

Another element in all this is how Democrats will use coronavirus and present economic plights against Trump. Joe Biden, for instance, has already begun stating that he will revive the economy, should he beat Trump in November. Democrat supporters of Biden are also hailing him as a savior from present economic uncertainty.

There’s still a fair amount of time between now and November. Ultimately, this period will be the determining factor in how new surges impact Trump’s re-election chances.

What do you make of in-person Trump events being cancelled? How do you believe new COVID-19 cases will affect the president’s likelihood of a second term in office? Let us know down below in the comments section.