Could We Be Seeing DeSantis Run for Office in 2024?

"Ron DeSantis" by Gage Skidmore

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has been making some major moves this year, starting with the Parental Rights in Education bill, which quickly reached infamy with the “woke” mob claiming it to be discriminatory, transphobic, and whatnot.

However, his press secretary, Christina Pushaw, tweeted earlier this week that DeSantis will be making a major announcement on Thursday; it sent a shockwave throughout the platform, gaining 15k likes in a matter of hours.

“Ron DeSantis” by Gage Skidmore

“Liberal meltdown of the year”

Unfortunately, according to Pushaw, the announcement has nothing to do with a potential 2024 White House bid, as many of DeSantis’ supporters initially hoped; although there’s still time for that to happen.

DeSantis’ run for governor wasn’t easy, either. His reputation with the left-leaning crowd, paired with the conservatives’ hype surrounding Trump’s 2024 run, is sure to make things difficult for him.

At the time, DeSantis is set to run for re-election as governor of Florida, meaning the announcement will have nothing to do with any potential campaign, but rather some serious business.

It remains unclear what the announcement will actually be about, but the ambiguity of it left many Twitter users speculating about what it could be.

Many comments were on the funnier side, wondering whether this means the ChocoTaco will be making a comeback.

The rest were simply excited to hear what the governor has to say.

He has made significant progress when it comes to signing conservative policies, as well as patching up some major issues caused by the Biden administration.

DeSantis’s constant battle against liberal smear campaigns

The southern border crisis often comes to mind, as Biden was found to have secretly directed dozens of planes filled with illegal immigrants out to Jacksonville, FL, where crime rates started spiking immediately.

A number of murders were recorded, one committed by a young immigrant who was given food and shelter by the same man he killed some weeks later.

This prompted DeSantis to work with Ted Cruz and ship these migrants out to Delaware via bus lines.

Aside from this, his changes to the educational system in Florida have moved mountains when it comes to protecting our nation’s youth from the influence of the LGBTQ community.

While he’s already announced he’s running for governor once again in 2022, it’s still not late to consider a White House run for DeSantis; although it may end up being a tough race if it comes to it.

If anything, we can rest easy knowing that not even Democrats are in favor of having Joe Biden as president anymore. Although with there being the options of AOC or Kamala running for office in 2024, things aren’t looking up no matter how you look at it.

This article appeared in The Record Daily and has been published here with permission.