Conservatives Sue Oregon Gov. Over Mandatory Face Mask Order

"Governor Kate Brown" (CC BY 2.0) by OregonDOT

Many proponents of face masks have attempted to win over critics by alleging that such mandates are not about politics. Additional talking points include claims that wearing masks is selfless, saves lives, and an act of care.

However, not everyone sees it that way. In fact, there are many Americans across the nation who take issue with the government essentially forcing individuals to wear face masks. Some maintain that such decrees breach constitutional rights, whereas others claim that mask mandates from the government are simply a bridge too far for other reasons.


In the case of Oregon Governor Kate Brown, she is presently facing a lawsuit from the conservative organization known as The Freedom Foundation, according to sources.

Reviewing the Lawsuit Against the Oregon Governor

In a nutshell, The Freedom Foundation is urging the Oregon Court of Appeals to review the methodology and legality of Brown’s mandatory mask order.

At this time, the conservative organization also maintains that the Oregon governor must win permission from the Oregon State Legislature before her mask requirement goes into effect. As such, The Freedom Foundation seeks for the mask mandate to be hit with an emergency stay.

Of course, the Oregon governor is pushing back against the lawsuit, insisting that she did follow the right steps. Through a spokesperson, Governor Brown claimed that face coverings “save lives.” She also made sure to note that wearing masks in public increases the likelihood of businesses not having to shut down again.

A Pattern of Lawsuits Against Mandatory Masks

The Oregon governor is far from the first person to be sued for an executive order demanding face coverings and she won’t be the last. The Texas governor, officials throughout Florida, and other leaders across the nation are also on the receiving end of lawsuits.

As time goes on, certain mask mandates are crumbling. Police sheriffs in states like Texas, Michigan, Indiana and Ohio maintain their refusal to enforce executive orders demanding masks. Likewise, major retail stores (such as Lowe’s, Walmart, CVS, etc.) that rolled out face mask requirements have admitted they will still serve customers who decline to “mask up.”

While the nation takes on coronavirus, face masks continue to remain a loaded and highly controversial subject matter.

What do you think about The Freedom Foundation’s lawsuit against the Oregon governor’s face mask mandate? Should this mandate ultimately be overturned? Let us know where you stand on all this down below in the comments section.