Colorado Governor, Health Officials Sued over Face Mask Mandate

"Colorado National Guard" (CC BY 2.0) by The National Guard

Growing numbers of individuals across the nation are taking real actions to stop face mask mandates.

While certain governors, mayors, and health “experts” claim that such mandates are beneficial and necessary, they’re not convincing everyone of this. In fact, the efficacy and safety of consistently wearing a face covering are coming into question more and more often. Those who oppose mandatory face masks certainly have their reasons.


Amid rising executive orders for individuals to wear face masks, more leaders are finding themselves on the receiving end of legal suits.

One of the most recent lawsuits against mandatory face mask orders is directed towards Colorado Governor Jared Polis and state health officials, according to sources.

A Closer Look at the Lawsuit Against Gov. Polis and Colorado Health Officials

Mark Milliman and Donna Walter, the GOP contenders running for seats in the Colorado House of Representatives, are presently launching suit against local and statewide mandates for individuals to wear face coverings.

Both Republicans maintain that such mandates supersede the authority of both Governor Polis and health officials. Milliman and Walter additionally communicated concerns regarding the science behind forced masking.

In a statement, the Republican candidates’ attorney Mark Patlan noted that healthy individuals are not spreaders of coronavirus. Furthermore, Patlan explained that in rare cases where healthy persons may spread COVID-19, this doesn’t justify mandating masks for individuals who are not sick.

Milliman has also noted the World Health Organization’s own claim that asymptomatic transmission of coronavirus is “extremely rare.” The Republican candidate then criticized the Colorado governor for implementing policies based upon “hunches, wild exaggerations, and politics.”

Finally, the lawsuit maintains that Polis’ forced masking requirement serves as “compelled speech,” hence a direct breach of the Constitution’s first and 14th Amendments.

Muddled Science

More and more Americans are questioning the science behind mandatory face masks. Originally, some of the strongest proponents behind forced masking claimed that everyday Americans shouldn’t be walking around with face masks; even Dr. Fauci once declared that masks would only make people “feel” safer while stopping a “droplet” or two at best.

Some online users have posted screenshots of mask box inscriptions which state that such tools will not halt the spread of coronavirus. Others have noted the claims that people who wear masks are likelier to touch their face, hence heightening their likelihood of transmitting COVID-19.

What do you think about the lawsuit against the Colorado governor and state health officials? Should the government have the power to compel Americans to cover up their faces? Let us know down below in the comments section.