CNN Host Criticized for Cringeworthy Interview with WH Press Secretary

"CNN" (CC BY 2.0) by Shaan Hurley

On Sunday, Brian Stelter of CNN hosted a cringe-worthy interview of the White House press secretary Jen Psaki. This interview made journalist Glenn Greenwald describe the exchange as one of the most “sycophantic” interviews of a state official that you’ll ever see. 

Journalist Glenn Greenwald called out CNN host, Brian Stelter for his cringe-worthy interview with White House press secretary, asking if “this is how state TV functions.”

The worst interview of all time

Greenwald made a remark saying that he wasn’t using hyperbole when saying that Stelter’s “interview” with Psaki should be “studied in journalism” school.

The journalist then made a remark that the interview with the press secretary on Sunday is the most “sycophantic interview” that’s ever been held with a state official.

Greenwald then mocked series of clips from the interview, writing “Have I been a bad boy, Jen?” This came in response to Stelter asking Psaki what the media “gets wrong” when covering the current administration. 

Stelter later asked Psaki if she is scared that the “Republicans will [destroy] the country,” before their kids grow up.

Then, according to Greenwald, this question given by the CNN host is “over-the-top” to the tune of possibly making his guest uncomfortable.

Greenwald wrote that Stelter managed to make his humiliating interview even more sycophantic. The journalist mentioned that even the press secretary might be thinking that the severity of his “adoration” is uncomfortable.

CNN host widely criticized interview with Psaki

“Brian Stelter (CNN) @ SXSW 2017” (CC BY-SA 2.0) by nrkbeta

On Sunday, CNN host Brian Stelter did a widely criticized interview with press secretary Jen Psaki. 

In his interview, some of the cringe-worthy questions involved asking the press secretary if she made “any progress” within five months, in “defeating the lies.”

Then, Stelter also asked Psaki why Biden has not held more solo press conferences; to this end, Psaki side-swayed and said the president answers questions several times a week. 

Psaki’s appearance on the ratings-challenged CNN was not only criticized by Republicans, but by Democrats as well. 

To rant about the backlash, Stelter took to Twitter. The CNN host tweeted out that liberals are mad because he asked the press secretary why Biden didn’t hold more solo press conferences.

On the other hand, conservatives are infuriated because he asked her what CNN “[got] wrong”.


Meanwhile, Oliver Willis from a far-left media responded, saying that both political parties are angry at him so he must be doing something right is a “classic dodge.”

All in all, most Americans saw the Stelter-Psaki interview for the cringefest that it was. Ultimately, it speaks volumes that both the left and the right were able to recognize the CNN host’s utter failure of an interview with the White House.