CNN Claims Durham’s Report Clears Trump’s Name

After an entire year of inquiry into the American government’s reaction to the 2016 Trump-Russia collaboration hoax, special counsel John Durham’s report was made public on Monday.

This led CNN’s Jake Tapper to claim that it does absolve Donald Trump.

Durham’s Report Exonerates Trump

Neither U.S. justice agencies, nor the intelligence community, seem to have actually acquired any real proof of collaboration involving former President Trump and Russia, according to Durham’s 306-page assessment.

The report has arrived.

Although it may not have provided the results that all Republicans had been hoping for, it is nonetheless damaging to the FBI and, in some ways, it does vindicate Trump, according to Tapper.

According to Durham’s “sobering” probe, the department and the FBI neglected to adhere to their significant duty of rigorous commitment to the law when dealing with particular incidents and activities recounted.

As stated, Kevin Clinesmith, a former FBI lawyer, violated the law by falsifying information in an email that was crucial to the FBI securing a FISA surveillance warrant.

The report stated that in other cases, FBI officials who were working on the exact same FISA application had, most likely, a negligent mindset regarding the application’s precision and thoroughness.

According to the investigation, FBI agents repeatedly overlooked significant specifications when attempting to reissue the FISA surveillance warrant.

This happened even though they recognized – both at the time and in retrospect – that they were not truly convinced of the existence of probable cause.

They were likewise aware that Trump wasn’t intentionally participating in hidden intelligence operations in the name of an outside nation or deliberately assisting a different individual in such activities.

Corrupt Left Administration

Durham’s assessment also revealed that four months before the 2016 election, then-President Obama and other top-ranking members of his administration were aware Hillary Clinton made up the Trump-Russia conspiracy lie.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.