CIA Warned Europe Huge Russian Gas Pipe Would Be Blown Up – and It Just Has

(Swedish Coast Guard photo shows the consequences of the huge gas pipeline explosion.)

One of the worst possible scenarios for Europe and, by extension, for the United States and American consumers materialized.

This comes after a vast Russian undersea pipeline bringing natural gas to Germany seems to have been blown up. Reports reveal the CIA warned months ago such a sabotage attack was imminent in order to damage the energy security of the entire West.

Putin’s Well-Known Energy Supplies Weapon

Two underwater explosions have rocked the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipes, bringing Russian natural gas directly to Germany via the Baltic Sea.

The blasts caused the pipes to be compromised, leading to the giant mass of gas bubbles rising to the sea surface, a development captured on video by several sources, including the militaries and governments of Germany, Denmark, and Sweden.

While President Joe “Empty Shelves” Biden lifted the sanctions in a major concession to Putin in the spring of 2021, the Russians couldn’t get it running for a number of reasons.

After they invaded Ukraine in February of this year, starting the usage of the second pipe has been out of the question.

At the same time, however, Putin has been tampering with the supplies through Nord Stream 1 ever since he began the Ukraine invasion. This is in order to use Germany’s energy dependence on Russian resources and force political concessions from the West.

The Russian dictator has been unabashed to use Russia’s exports of oil and natural gas as a vicious geopolitical instrument to try to dominate countries in Eastern and Central Europe and disrupt global energy markets.

The latter is particularly visible as the sky-high gas prices in the United States have been partly, if not heavily, influenced by the market and supply turmoil caused by Putin’s war in Ukraine.

(Map by the Daily Mail shows the site of the explosions.)

It Could Only Be ‘Russian Sabotage’

Videos posted online on Tuesday by the Swedish Coast Guard have shown the aftermath of the two Nord Stream pipeline explosions, which occurred in Danish waters, northeast of the island of Bornholm.

Ukraine’s government reacted quickly to the incident, claiming the sabotage has been carried out by Russia in order to stop the Russian natural gas supplies to the Europeans.

Top officials of the European Union have reacted strongly, saying the blasts have been caused by a deliberate attack, The Daily Mail reported. They vowed to punish whoever could be responsible, without naming Putin’s Russia as a possible suspect.

The Russian government denied Ukraine’s accusations of orchestrating the incident; although it did not rule out possible sabotage.

Reports by the New York Times and Washington Post revealed the CIA warned America’s European allies several weeks ago that the Nord Stream pipeline could be blown up.

However, the German government sources cited on the matter by Der Spiegel refused to reveal whether the CIA had pinpointed Russia as the potential perpetrator.

This article appeared in BeyondNews and has been published here with permission.