China Threatens the US with Hypersonic Missile

Robert O’Brien, the former national security advisor, and GOP leaders warned the Biden administration the US could easily lose a war with China after they launched a new hypersonic missile.

United States will lose the war with China if Biden administration does not respond to hypersonic missiles

Mike Gallagher, a GOP congressman, said if the Biden administration continues its unassertive approach, the US can easily lose a war with China. Likewise, he said China now holds power to attack the United States, not only from conventional means, but also through a nuclear strike.

According to the Financial Times report, China launched a missile in August that can orbit too close to the Earth and be controlled during its flight. Meanwhile, Mike Rogers, a Republican from the House Armed Service Committee, labeled the new missile as “Fractional Orbital Missile System.”

He further noted this event could not be seen in isolation; China is also increasing the number of its nuclear arsenals, along with multiplying its capability of launching an intercontinental ballistic missile.

Rogers advised President Biden to embrace an assertive role in handling this crisis by investing in US nuclear programs. It is pertinent to note the hypersonic missiles can easily dodge the US missile defense systems, posing a massive security threat to US sovereignty.

China is posing a national security threat to the United States

Former national security advisor Robert O’Brien said the US must take countermeasures quickly to ensure our survival because these missiles demonstrate Chinese first-strike nuclear capability.

Brien stated Russia is also involved in similar kinds of weapons programs, which is alarming for US national security. Similarly, he claimed the Obama administration shut down the US hypersonic missiles programs.

This brought Russia and China ahead of the US, in terms of demonstrating their missiles capabilities.

O’Brien said as these weapons can not be deterred, the only way the US can ensure our survival is by making our own hypersonic missiles system a top-notch priority. He further stated this missile system is an actualization of the Chinese vision, which always wanted to dominate the global nuclear program.

The former national security adviser claimed China could become increasingly assertive in its mission to annex Taiwan and disturb Hong Kong’s peace after the deployment of these missiles.

He later claimed China is looking for a window between the Beijing Olympics and the US elections next year to annex Taiwan; the US must deny them this opportunity. Despite having one of the world’s top intelligence agencies, the US failed to get information regarding Chinese clandestine missile programs.

We just came to know about it after the publication of a report in the Financial Times.

The Chinese foreign minister said the missile was not hypersonic in nature, but only a regular “space vehicle.” However, the state-controlled newspaper of China taunted the United States over the success of the missile.