Charlie Crist Goes on Alarming Rant Against DeSantis

Things are going from bad to worse for Florida Democrat Charlie Crist.

Crist was recently nominated by the Florida Democratic Party to challenge Republican Gov. Ron DeSantis; however, the ways in which Crist is going about campaigning almost make it seem like he’s not serious.

In a state where Republican voters outnumber their Democratic counterparts by more than 200,000, Crist brazenly claimed that he doesn’t even “want” the votes of Floridians who like DeSantis.

The Florida Democrat hasn’t stopped there. Crist is continuing to make cringe-worthy, tone-deaf comments that only highlight why he has no business in the Florida governor’s mansion, as documented by Fox News.

The Fall of Crist in Slow Motion

During a campaign stop in Key West, Crist likened himself to Christ Jesus before saying DeSantis is “DeSatan” and like a reincarnation of the Devil.

Later, Crist went on to take shots at the Florida governor for far outraising him in campaign donations many time over. Crist claimed that DeSantis’ donations mean nothing because “the root of all evil” is money.

At yet another campaign event, the Florida Democrat talked about the importance of decency and kindness. This ironically prefaced his remarks that once again compared DeSantis to the Devil.

In the Florida Democrat’s own words, DeSantis and his supporters are “bad” and living with hearts of hatred. Meanwhile, Crist said “we” (presumably himself and his supporters) are “good.”

It Gets Worse

If this unhinged means of running a politcal campaign wasn’t bad enough, Crist also recently came out in favor of Florida having COVID vaccine passports.

That’s in spite of the fact that even the CDC acknowledges vaccinated individuals shouldn’t be treated differently than the unvaccinated.

Furthermore, vaccine passports are not based in science, due to the fact these shots don’t stop the virus from infecting anyone or spreading to others.

DeSantis, on the other hand, has made blocking vaccine passports critical. In 2021, the GOP govenor worked with the state legislature to pass a law that bans vaccine passports in Florida.

What Crist just doesn’t get is many folks have moved to Florida to get away from Democratic leadership and enjoy the freedom made possible by DeSantis’ leadership.

Crist may feel good to take shots at DeSantis and his supporters. Yet, this isn’t going to win him the election in November. Ironically, all the Florida Democrat is doing is showing why state residents need to come out in droves to reelect DeSantis.

What are your thoughts about the way Florida Democrat Charlie Crist is going about running his campaign? Do you think Crist will be easily defeated by DeSantis in November? Feel free to let us know your thoughts about this below in the section for comments.

This article appeared in Watch Dog News and has been published here with permission.