Capitol Police Authorized to Arrest People Not Wearing Mask

On Thursday, Republican representative Kat Cammack received a copy of the memo from an unnamed police officer; this memo showed that Capitol Police are authorized to apprehend staff members who are not wearing masks. 

The memo distributed on Thursday was described by a Republican representative as “tyrannical”

Cammack described the memo that was distributed on Thursday as “tyrannical”. She added that the act was an overstep of Pelosi’s power as the House Speaker, as she basically authorized the Capitol Police to arrest staff members who are not wearing masks. The Republican representative added that the memo is unconscionable. 

Cammack, among other Republican lawmakers, is up against the return of the mask mandate at the House, regardless of whether or not they are fully vaccinated. 

The mask mandate was resumed after Centers for Disease Control and Prevention released a statement in relation to the rise of the delta variant of COVID-19 and the low vaccination rates in the country. 

On Wednesday, Republican members of the House talked with Brian Monahan, the attending physician of the Capitol about their frustrations with the mask mandate, stating that the rules were not based on science. 

It can be noted that Republican members openly stepped forward against the mask guidelines, particularly the rules that are not imposed on the Senate. The GOP members stated that the mandates are not based on science and are politically motivated. 

Cammack added that he cannot comply with the tyrannical order imposed by Pelosi. She added that Congress is the house of the people and not of Pelosi.

On the other hand, the Capitol Police has yet to make any comment about the new memo. According to reports, the memo advises people in the Capitol to wear masks indoors at all times.

Pelosi’s spokesperson insists that they are not aware of it

In Pelosi’s defense, her office stated that the House Speaker did not authorize the Capitol Police to start arresting people. They added Pelosi does not have the power to do so.

Drew Hammill, spokesperson of Pelosi, told Fox News that the House Speaker does not control the Capitol Police. He added that the office of Pelosi was not aware of the memo until the press reported about it.

On the other hand, Republicans were quick to press on the involvement of the Capitol Police with regard to mask mandates.

Republican representative and Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy stated on Thursday Capitol Police are only allowed to arrest people on the House and not the Senate; that’s since the leaders in the Senate haven’t imposed the mask mandates.

McCarthy also mentioned that these acts do not align with the America that he knows; he said this in reference to the Capitol Police arresting vaccinated staffers that come in the House not wearing a mask.