Canada’s Justin Trudeau Exposed For Insane Policies

Canadian leader Justin Trudeau was elected back in late 2015. As the son of former Canadian Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, he quickly began tightening his grip on power and reshaping Canada in his image.

When COVID came along, Trudeau put in place some of the strictest rules in the world, setting up tough penalties for any breach of his various rules.

Travel outside Canada was severely restricted; coming into the nation was difficult and complex, even for citizens.

Even once the vaccine was being taken by the majority of citizens, Trudeau didn’t relax restrictions, enforcing domestic and international lockdowns that drew skepticism from many.

It turns out that skepticism was warranted; these lockdowns didn’t save lives at all, according to a new revelation of disclosed data.

What’s even worse is it turns out Trudeau specifically tried to punish the unvaccinated, despite not having any scientific or health basis for doing so.

Trudeau’s Tyrannical Idiocy

As Americans debated about the restrictions and mask mandates in place inside the country, Trudeau was going way above and beyond this.

Unvaccinated Canadians could barely go to any businesses; they were barely able to travel inside Canada, even in the case of a family emergency.

Unvaccinated people couldn’t leave the country or go almost anywhere; even vaccinated individuals had serious restrictions on their movements and freedom in their own country.

Two individuals who felt the brunt of these policies wanted to find out hard facts; so they petitioned Canada’s legal system for the internal data.

Shaun Rickard and Karl Harrison have finally been rewarded with these internal documents and what they show is utterly shaming to Trudeau.

The travel restrictions and regulations were enacted by a group called the COVID Recovery Unit that had been set up by Trudeau.

The people in this group were not doctors. They were basically yes men and yes women for Trudeau. Internal data shows they had no scientific basis for the lockdowns or travel bans, but faked it in order to please Trudeau.

Looking For a Basis

As a report from Rupa Subramanya says, the disclosure of information relating to Rickard and Harrison shows just how politicized Canada’s travel ban was.

Leading up to it being put in, the COVID unit of 20 non-medical stooges were scrambling to find anything that sounded convincing to justify it.

The names of most of the specific individuals on the COVID “recovery unit” have not been made public and are believed to have been very high up in Trudeau’s inner circle.

They did not have medical training, but were clearly tasked with the simple goal of punishing the unvaccinated and stopping them from exercising basic freedoms.

Trudeau previously used language about the unvaccinated, considering them as unclean and something that should not be “tolerated.”

He is echoing the language of 20th-century dictators; so it is not surprising in the least that he tasked a group of yes men and women with the job of punishing the unvaxxed.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.