Canada is Waging a Soft Kill Genocide

Canada is like America if red states didn’t exist. Despite the more conservative provinces of Alberta and Saskatchewan, the country is run by far-left bureaucrats and politically correct globalists.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the son of the late Pierre Trudeau, a pro-abortion, pro-Chinese fanatic who dragged the country so far left that it’s still chasing its tail.

During the height of the pandemic, Justin went all in on the COVID “vaccines,” forcing Canadians to take them or be cut off from most basic public rights and the ability to exit their own country or travel.

Now, news is coming out that’s even more shocking. Canada is in the middle of slow-motion genocide.

Euthanasia Nation

Like similar far-left nations in Europe, Canada is following a dangerous path of encouraging assisted suicide and euthanasia.

Canada has often been praised by people like Michael Moore and American leftists who say it is a paradise of socialized healthcare that is full of compassion and professionalism.

The reality is quite a bit different: long lines, detached doctors who don’t care about patients, and intense difficulty in dealing with chronic or long-term illnesses like cancer.

Another horrifying aspect of the public healthcare system is euthanasia (assisted death). While conservative Americans were mocked for saying socialized healthcare in the United States would include “death panels,” this is, in fact, more or less what socialized healthcare includes.

A government-funded healthcare system doesn’t just keep people alive for charity; when they’re on life support or a “drain” on the system, they may just find they get unplugged and stop costing the country money.

Take the case of Alan Nichols, a man who was hard of hearing and stopped taking required medication. Doctors at a Canadian hospital got him to ask to be killed without him realizing that was what he asked.

His brother Gary says they “killed” him and it’s far from the only case.

Canada has widespread support for euthanasia and also expanded the “right” to die to those who are chronically mentally or physically ill and simply no longer wish to be alive.

While the rest of the world is trying to figure out how to prevent suicide, Canada is standing flicking a syringe and rubbing its hands in glee ready to save Justin Trudeau some money.

This is sick, sick stuff.

The Shocking Truth

Countries like the Netherlands already allow mentally ill people to legally request doctor-assisted suicide. Canada is already very close to passing similar legislation.

Under the guise of “compassion,” these liberal nations are trying to kill off physically or mentally unwell people to save the government money and “cull” the population. It sounds like something out of a dystopian horror film, but it’s just Justin Trudeau’s actual Canada.

The cases are already well known, including disabled Canadian Roger Foley, who was convinced to end his life by doctors who threatened him with additional costs for a hospital stay if he didn’t end his life.

Luckily, he did not do so, despite saying he had become very depressed by his experiences in the Canadian hospital. He taped the conversations, which were aired on Canadian news and shocked the nation.

Canadian Crisis

Those who are terminally ill already have the choice to choose assisted dying in Canada, but more and more are choosing to be killed by doctors for other reasons.

In 2020 alone, out of 5,631 assisted suicides in Canada, 82% said they were choosing to die because their sickness was stopping them from a “meaningful” life and ordinary activities.

This article appeared in StatesmanPost and has been published here with permission.