Calls To Bring Back Mask Mandate Pressure Biden Administration

According to reported discussions at the White House, there is a building momentum to bring back mask mandates, even for those who are vaccinated. Now, both the White House and the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention are taking into consideration bringing back the mask mandate for all Americans. 

The Biden administration cautiously tiptoes around the questions about bringing back the mask mandate

In May, the mask mandate was changed, as fully vaccinated individuals need not wear masks indoors anymore. However, lately, people are pushing to require masks even for vaccinated individuals, as the cases of delta variants are on the rise. 

The Biden administration and the CDC are even considering the discussion on forcing masks on all Americans; this reflects the fact that calls to bring the mandate back are increasing. 

On Thursday, the Biden administration cautiously tiptoed around the questions relating to bringing back the mask mandate. According to the administration, no change in the guidance has happened yet. 

White House press secretary Jen Psaki stated that the head of the CDC talked to the White House in the early morning of Thursday. According to Psaki, the public health arm of the administration made it clear that no decision was yet made about the new mask guidelines. 

Psaki added that they are guided by science and that public health experts guide the administration. She also affirmed that there had been no change so far with their decision about the mask guidelines, adding that their decision would come from the CDC. 

Meanwhile, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky noted that fully vaccinated individuals have significant protection from coronavirus. She added that those who are not yet vaccinated should continue to wear masks.

However, the CDC director refused to say whether the CDC would update the guidelines about wearing masks indoors. Walensky added that overall, the recommendations of the CDC about the mask mandate haven’t changed. 

Biden said the COVID advisory board is already looking at whether the mask mandate will be brought back

However, a CDC spokesperson made a different comment when asked about the mask mandate. Although the CDC official touted the importance of getting vaccinated, she denied that guidance from the agency would change. 

Jasmine Reed, a CDC spokesperson, stated the people should maintain physical distance and keep wearing masks if they are in areas with high rates of COVID cases and lower vaccinations or in areas where the cases of the Delta variant are rising. 

On the other hand, Biden himself also stated that the COVID-19 advisory board of the administration is already looking into the matter. However, he did not rule out whether there will be a change in the recommendations. 

Biden stated that the administration would follow science. A group of 25 people that the administration put together are now looking at all the possibilities of what is happening, particularly with the presence of the Delta variant in the country. 

Biden also emphasized that vaccinated people are “safe.” However, the board is still investigating all the aspects of change that could take place.