Brazil’s Conservative President Being Politically Persecuted By Far Left Ahead of Election

The FBI raid on former President Trump’s Mar-a-Lago home several weeks ago led to accusations that the Biden regime is weaponizing federal agencies.

It’s been clear from the day he became the GOP candidate that Trump was under heavy political persecution and he’s been repeatedly attacked.

Trump is not the only one. Across the world, we see conservative and nationalist leaders who love their countries being vilified and incited against by the far left.

Brazil is the perfect example. Current President Jair Bolsonaro is being politically persecuted in ways that are truly alarming.

Brazil’s Far-Left Fanatics Strike a Blow

Bolsonaro was sworn in to lead Brazil in January 2019, after winning the country’s fall 2018 election in a landslide.

Promising to stand up against China and globalism, Bolsonaro became close friends with Trump and various nationalists around the world.

It’s worth remembering he became the leader after a vicious stabbing attack during his election campaign that almost took his life.

Bolsonaro’s courageous and honest documentation of his recovery and love of Brazil motivated millions to come out and make him president of the South American nation.

Now, with Brazil’s next election coming up one month ahead of our midterms, Bolsonaro is target number one. Most recently, the police raided a group of pro-Bolsonaro businessmen who support his re-election.

The motivation for the attack on businessmen was due to Brazil’s far-left media and its release of false, unfounded information about an alleged coup d’état if President Bolsonaro is not re-elected.

More About the Raid

This raid all happened on Tuesday, August 23. Alexandre Moraes, minister of the Supreme Federal Court of Brazil, released eight search warrants to go after members of the group of businessmen.

Moraes is a socialist fanatic working hard to overturn and get in the way of Bolsonaro’s campaign and efforts to improve Brazil. We should point out that recently, in only one week, Moraes was appointed as head of the court of Brazil.

The targets are part of a select business elite in Brazil. Among them is Luciano Hang, owner of a large network of department stores in Brazil called Havan. Hang is one of Bolsonaro’s top supporters.

Others hit by the raid include Meyer Joseph Nigri, founder of Tecnisa, a company that operates in the Brazilian real estate market, as well as José Isaac Peresé, a founder and shareholder in Brazilian mall companies.

There are also other names that have not been released to the public. So far, other entrepreneurs and businesses have not shared an opinion about the attacks.

What Are the Accusations?

According to Brazilian sources, the entrepreneurs were part of a WhatsApp group that’s main topic of discussion was arranging a coup d’état if Bolsonaro does not win the next election this October.

Brazilian media and polls show Bolsonaro would narrowly lose the elections to former President Luiz Inácio da Silva if the election were held now.

According to the current president of Brazil, elections are at risk of being rigged.

The left’s persecution of Bolsonaro should serve as a stark warning to us all of what happens when the far left takes over a country’s judiciary and police forces.

This article appeared in FreshOffThePress and has been published here with permission.