Border Under Attack! Trump’s Border Wall is Being Pulled Down!

After a portion of the temporary border fence for Arizona inexplicably collapsed, authorities are accusing someone of foul activity.

According to pictures obtained by Claudia Ramos of Univision Noticias Arizona, a portion of the barrier (constructed of shipping crates piled together and welded together) was seen lying on its side apart from the remainder of the barrier.

What Happened?

Construction workers on the site first claimed the wind pushed the boxes over, but a spokesman for Governor Doug Ducey stated otherwise on Wednesday.

While high gusts are common in southern Arizona, it is doubtful they were powerful enough to topple the barrier.

According to C.J. Karamargin, Ducey’s head of communications, “the concept that it was a weather-related occurrence appears implausible.”

8,800 pounds, or roughly the weight of a Ford F-450, was the combined weight of the pair of them. Arizona has a lot of powerful winds. When they have heavy winds, fewer Ford F-450s are flying around.

Around 12:30 on Monday, according to the Washington Examiner, Border Patrol officials discovered the fence collapsed.

When the work teams departed the site on Sunday evening, the obstacles on one side of the wall hadn’t yet been bolted to the floor and welded to the building.

The construction workers informed Ramos that Sunday’s heavy weather caused the containers to topple.

The container, however, had been substantially dented and scraped. There was, at minimum, one sizable hole at the bottom of the container, according to images shared with Washington Examiner.

According to Karamargin, who spoke to the New York Post, the damage “shows some form of machinery was used to transport them. It dented and created a hole in one of the walls of the container.”

Wind doesn’t cause this to occur. Border Patrol officers originally prevented construction workers from going to the scene and securing the barrier, citing “heavy activity” nearby.

The wall was reinstalled at 7 a.m. local time after employees were permitted to return at around 6 a.m. local time.


The endeavor to knock over the barrier, according to Karamargin, was evidence that it was required and valuable.

Because this is not the primary way that individuals enter the United States, some people have tried to dismiss this as a fruitless endeavor, he said.

Why would someone attempt to knock over a cargo container weighing close to 18,000 pounds if the barrier being created is unnecessary or somehow misplaced?

On the surface, it just doesn’t make sense. It is not logical. Naturally, making Arizonan communities safer is a main objective. They definitely hit a nerve.

The state of Arizona built the shipping containers as part of an interim border barrier while it waits for the Biden administration to construct a permanent wall. This comes after the agency indicated it would close numerous border wall breaches in Arizona.

This article appeared in Conservative Cardinal and has been published here with permission.