Body Positivity Movement Now Taking Heat

Many Americans are familiar with the body positivity movement. In a nutshell, body positivity is about people loving themselves and their bodies no matter what.

However, an issue arises if people are living with unhealthy conditions, such as being overweight or obese, without any motivation to make specific changes.

Critics of this have stated that any sort of remark concerning an individual’s need to lose weight is “fatphobic.” This train of thought has really gained traction within the past several years.

Though in light of the crushing health problems and other issues that can stem from being overweight or obese, the body positivity movement is taking some criticism. One of the latest critics is left-leaning talk show host Bill Maher, according to Newsmax.

Maher on the Danger of Body Positivity

On Friday, Maher sounded the alarm about the adverse impact the body positivity movement is having on America’s military recruitment rates. In a nutshell, the talk show host explained people are too fat to be able to fight in the Armed Forces.

Maher specifically called the body positivity trend a “national security issue,” due to the reality that most people between the ages of 17 and 24 aren’t even able to serve in the military, due to their weight.

Some Republican lawmakers have also sounded the alarm about low recruitment levels in the military. According to Rep. Mike Gallagher, once the GOP is back in control of Congress, it’s going to work hard to get the military back to its former glory of recruitment.

Finally, Maher warned that people who continue to celebrate “body positivity” at the expense of individuals’ health are walking around with “blood on [their] hands.”

Another Likely Factor of Military Recruitment Issues

There’s no doubt the current amount of overweight and obese individuals is playing a role in low military recruitment. However, another very real factor deals with how the military has gone about COVID-19 vaccine mandates.

Despite the reality of COVID-19 vaccines not being able to stop virus infection or transmission, the military has still determined that each servicemember has to take this shot.

Exemption requests have been largely disregarded. Meanwhile, many troops refusing the vaccine have been discharged or otherwise seriously penalized.

Americans have warned that this type of treatment does not exactly inspire new recruits to join the military. At the rate things are going, the country’s Armed Forces could be facing some very real problems ahead if significant changes aren’t made.

Do you agree with Bill Maher’s comments about the danger of the body positivity movement? What do you believe is necessary to improve military recruitment rates? In the comments area, you’re more than welcome to share your thoughts, suggestions, and feedback with us.

This article appeared in The Conservative Brief and has been published here with permission.